Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Row After Row...

i keep beading and somehow i end up making the same mistakes every time. on the last moccasin i keep messing up the front diamond shaped design with the bead work. i did three rows the other day and it all became off center. my dad told me to just take those rows apart and try it again. "you are only gonna get one shot at making it right" he told me. ugh, my powwow outfit has been a long time coming and yet one of the biggest struggles i have ever had to handle. my creativity was always put on trial when it came to the decisions i chose on how to make the outfit look. i wanted it to be unique and totally mine. i don't want to look like all the other dancers out there. for that, i have made some choices as to what color scheme, overall design, and aesthetic i have taken in the approach to my outfit. since this is going to be mine and also my very first outfit, i want it to stand out as not being in the norm. of course it's a standard men's fancy dance outfit, but still there will be enough qualities about it that make it wholly unique in every way. when i think back on how long it took just to get up to this point, i shudder. i went through some of the most dramatic events in my life and this outfit reminds me of those hard times. each bead i put into place represents a moment of my life back then. i'm proud of my accomplishment, but i know that it's still not done yet. just a few more things to do and then i can sit back and admire all the hard work and then get out there and dance my butt off!!!

during my downtime from all the powwow stuff, i jumped on my playstation and got busy playing God of War Collection. as i was doing that i listened to some of my music. i randomly picked a band on my ipod and came across these dudes. they were called Northstar.

let's see, well to begin i first heard these guys on amazon after searching for old school emo music. when the artists came up, this bands first album appeared in the listings and i liked the cover artwork, so i checked them out and ordered the cd. i was amazed at how great they were. i was hard pressed to find as much as i could about the band. you tube had a few videos but not much else. the label that released their albums is called triple crown records and i know those people because they were the one's who introduced me and everybody else to the band Brand New, who are great as well. (a later post for brand new fo sho!!!)

northstar hailed from alabama and started around 1997. they did everything diy up until they signed with triple crown. they toured across the united states and even trekked to europe with Modest Mouse. eventually everything took it's toll and the band broke up in 2005. some members went on to form the band Cassino who are doing their own thing right now. be sure to check them out if you are into further interest.

today i got their two albums minus a few demos and a latter compilation of rare material. these two albums are essentials in any one's indie/emo collection and come with a high recommendation. first is the debut titled Is This Thing Loaded? and second is their swan song album Pollyanna.

keep on beading...

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