Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll just keep waiting...

it's monday and really REALLY cold here in oklahoma. i went out this evening and got to do some christmas shopping for the first time this holiday season. it feels good to pick out gifts for special people and i feels even better when they get them and see what you chose. i took my time and picked out some awesome things for a few of my close friends who are very important to me. i just hope they get their packages before christmas eve or day!!!

this time i want to dive a little deeper into my music post and put up a bands entire discography. why is that??? well this band deserves so much praise for their technical craftsmanship and delivery of brute force when playing such awe inspiring music. the band is Between the Buried and Me. oh, and if you were wondering, they take their name from lyrics to a Counting Crows song.

hailing from raleigh north carolina, btbam (the short version of their name) have been creating heavy music since 2000. though the lineup now is mostly different from when the band first started, that hasn't stopped their original take on what they wanted to do in the first place. in reality, the band has become something much much more than when they started out. the music is metal in all its heaviness, but also progressive and mathy to a point that you wouldn't even believe that people can make music like this. to quote a joke i heard recently, "if i walked into a room and heard them playing, but didn't see it, i wouldn't even think it was real!!!" when i listen to btbam, i think of a few other bands like King Crimson, Cannibal Corpse, Dream Theatre, Tool, and Slayer just to name a few. not saying that they sound just like those bands, but you can hear and feel the influence.

this is one of my top ten bands to see before i die. i have met all my original choices in my first top ten, so now i gotta make a new list of artists. btbam is definitely one of them. right here i have their entire discography minus a live album and a cover album. first thing to check out is their 3 song demo, then the debut self titled lp. next is the totally awesome The Silent Circus which was the first thing i ever heard from them. now the next lp made them get lots of attention in all the music rags the world over. this album is called Alaska and it shreds. this helped them land on ozzfest 2006 and subsequent bigger tours followed. in line after alaska is Colors. this is their masterpiece. an album complete with works of such technical art that re-defined the metal genre. this is the best thing they have done and will be talked about for ages to come. and last but not least we have their latest work, The Great Misdirect. this is a great new album that follows in the shadow of the superior colors. it's a great, fresh new collection of songs that take the band even further. get these now and go see this band. i highly recommend it!!!

you'll just keep waiting...

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