Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Know Your Onion...

today was a very cold day here in oklahoma. the weather is definitely in it's winter moments now, so everyday i wake up expecting severe ice storms and lots of snow on the ground. as i was out and about, i went and got a new drivers license. i really like this new one of mine. my head isn't as huge as the last one and my hair and face are in the right angle and not off to the side like i was trying to read from a cue card. ha ha oh yeah, i also voted today on the new oklahoma city maps project. it's a huge debate and many people want to vote no or yes. whatever happens is up to those who voted i guess. i'm not really into the whole voting thing, but i was out so i stopped by just because... anyway, i also picked up the new harry potter dvd, so yeah, good times for now.

since the times are a bit better than yesterday, i think some good pop music will do the trick here. this next band is a good one and during their time have made some decent music. held up high in the indie music world, here are The Shins.

i have never gotten to see these guys yet, and by the looks of their current status, i might never. it seems that two of the original members have been replaced recently and the condition of the band is in question. lead singer james mercer states that he needed to work with different people for the next record, so he went ahead and did just that. ooh, rock and roll drama!!! (i hate it...)

let's see, well this band formed back in 1997 in albuquerque new mexico after the break up the band Flake. other members were also in the albuquerque punk band Scared of Chaka who i have to say are freekin' awesome and will get their own post in the future. yeah, so the shins are huge now, and most might have gotten into them because the movie Garden State. they are mentioned in the scene where natalie portman gives her headphones to that douche from that show scrubs and their music in quietly played while that guy looks like someone took a dump in his mouth. yeah, i liked garden state, but i hate that show scrubs.

all three albums by the shins are present minus a few ep's. check these all out and jam them because it's sweet pop music without all the glitz and glamor.





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