Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now i wanna be your dog...

the armpit that is the mall didn't quite smell as bad as usual today. i spent some time with my grandmother and went shopping for a bit. i left with a nice long sleeve shirt and an orange julius. one quick stop over at sam's club for some cheap gas then i was home. i almost didn't want to post anything tonight, but i guess it's okay since i won't want to post tomorrow. man, times sure have been tough here at the home. my family is not talking and everyone is in their own little world. right now i guess i'm in mine, but that's okay. my little world is safe from harm and quiet. no bad karma here.

let's go back several years and see what punk was like in the late 60's and early 70's. was there any punk back then??? well i guess you can mention all the garage punk bands, but i don't necessarily think of them as punks. no, there are but few punks back then who took their time to wipe their butts off with hippies and beatniks and ordinary joes. these punks were few in number, but loud as all get out. one bunch of merry pranksters to mention are the legendary kings of smut. The Stooges.

these dudes formed in michigan in 1967 and were one of the forerunners of the early punk movement along with The MC5 and Death who were also from michigan. the band released three albums during it's short stay and they all tanked. they were never reviewed that high, and often considered commercial failures. but despite that set back, the band proved that outside the studio they were a beast to behold. lead singer iggy pop demonstrated the live antics of punks by being the main focus on stage. he swooned and swayed the crowds, often inciting riots and protests by his desire to be confrontational. he is often credited for being the first person to crowd surf as well!!! other such sites included smearing peanut butter on his chest, cutting himself with glass, and showing his privates for everybody's enjoyment...

when i first got into these guys i wasn't impressed that much. i mean, after all the talk about how crazy and intense they were supposed to be live, it didn't really transfer over on first listen. i had to dive deep because everyone who loves rock and roll hold these guys up in high regard, so i had to see what the big deal was. what ended up happening is i had to strip away the many layers of what i knew now as rock and think of the stooges as something fresh and brand new. it's no wonder they were so shocking back in the 60's/70's. nobody out there was doing this sort of thing!!! and when you get down and listen to the music itself, well you might want to take a nice shower afterwards because this wasn't peace, love and flowers here. oh no, this was full frontal in your face intensity spit out at you at 100 mph. this was the real deal and it became totally awesome to me.

i have here the three classic albums by the stooges minus the recently reformed album. yes, the stooges reformed back in 2003 and cut a new record in 2007. it was okay i guess, but by then i didn't care to check it out since nothing can top what they accomplished back in the day. still, if they come near you, go see them live. i hear it's still a site to behold. anyway, first we have the debut self titled album from 1969, then in second we have the crazy awesome album Fun House then last we have the masterpiece Raw Power. this third and final album was produced by david bowie and it showcases iggy pop and the stooges going in a new direction that would only predate the massive outcome of punk to follow. it's is the highest ranked out of the three albums here in rollingstones top 500 albums and blah blah blah. JUST JAM THESE ALREADY!!!

she's got a tv eye on me...

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