Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're Undercover Funny...

well tonight was a fantastic night. i got together with two of my cousins as well as my step brother and a few other friends and went to the north side of oklahoma city to quail springs mall. we all went to watch the live rifftrax christmas special, and oh man, it was so much fun!!! the riffs were spot on and the old 1950's christmas specials were, to put it bluntly, really creepy and in desperate need of a riffing or two. my buddy jennifer, who i work with every summer on the indian falls creek splashes newspaper, also came tonight and gave me her old tom servo t-shirt!!! it's vintage and hard to find, so i'm a lucky dog!!! oh, and i also got a new jacket as well. it's leather and has an inside hoodie type thing that is spot on my style. and for one more thing to mention, the taco bell at the mall made me two perfect cheesy gordita crunch tacos with all the trimmings, which is something taco bell never does right!!!

since i'm in a rare good mood, i think it might be awesome to post some goofy fun music that isn't as serious as i usually post one here. i want you all to give me a chance here and dive in to the greatness that is, Atom and His Package.

here is a solo artist that makes synth punk music. he's got nasally vocals and quirky lyrics. heck, he's even got an emo side to him, but don't let that turn you away because the music is upbeat when listened to despite the lyrical content.

his real name is adam goren and currently, he's a chemistry and physics teacher. yeah, this guy is a total nerd and one who has a masters no less. i wish he was still around, playing basement shows and such, but the guy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so he cut the live act down and now teaches full time. but, he did get his act back together and played at the Fest 7, in gainsville florida which is a goal of mine to attend one year. oh, and if you were wondering what, "the package" is, then you are possibly dirty and thinking dirty thoughts!!! ha ha, um yeah, so anyway the package is his QY700 music sequencer which he uses when he played live. that and his acoustic guitar. really, this guy is super talented and had a lot of guts to tour around the world and play all by himself. GUTS I TELL YA!!!

give in to the fun that is atom and his package and listen to these two albums here. first one is titled, Making Love, and second is, Redefining Music. not everything has to be serious, and i take that seriously... enjoy, and have fun!!!

you're only funny when i'm not around...

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