Saturday, December 19, 2009


well, as of right now, i can't seem to get any good connection to the call of duty modern warfare 2 servers. even though i have full signal strength, i still only get one bar, and with that comes miss after miss after miss after miss... I HATE IT!!! i absolutely hate it. there is something very wrong here, and i need to get to the bottom of it. i just hope i can find an answer somewhere in the internets...

just to make a quick post, i have here some really energetic music. they are a classic bunch, and held up in high praise for their awesome style. they were short lived, but like always, the best usually are. here is the almighty Operation Ivy!!!

one of the most influential punk bands ever, operation ivy got their start in albany, california. often held as the pioneers of ska-core or ska-punk, operation were way ahead of their short time. yes short, because they only existed from 1987 to 1989. members include lead singer jesse michaels, guitarist tim armstrong, matt freeman on bass, and dave mello on drums. after the band broke up, tim and matt went on to be one half of the band Rancid, which is another story all together.

looking up the cats online can be a tough one. it seems there is a serious lack of footage of them playing around... oh, and they got their attention by frequenting the local venue 924 gilman street, which is located in berkely california. this is where they got huge along with other gilman bands like Crimpshrine and Mr. T Experiance. their last show was may 28, 1989. at that show a little unknown band called Green Day would be opening up for them. in future years, green day would always do a cover of the operation ivy classic, "knowledge" at their earlier live shows.

so as you can see, this band was highly influential. today i have the one album that is the only thing out there for people to have from the band. it's titled Energy, and it consists of pretty much their entire discography. it was originally released on the now ghost like label, Lookout Records. in 2007, the album was remastered and re-released through tim armstrongs label, Hellcat Records and Epitaph Records.

in that re-release, jesse wrote a message for the people to read: "Music is an indirect force for change, because it provides an anchor against human tragedy. In this sense, it works towards a reconciled world. It can also be the direct experience of change. At certain points during some shows, the reconciled world is already here, at least in that second, at that place. Operation Ivy was very lucky to have experienced this. Those seconds reveal that the momentum that drives a subculture is more important than any particular band. The momentum is made of all the people who stay interested, and keep their sense of urgency and hope."

just a bit of the bands philosophy for ya!!! so go ahead and try this out. energy has become one of my favorite punk albums and summer albums as well. it's just youthful, energetic, angsty punk music.


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