Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Sadness...

a funeral is often a hard thing to witness, let alone be a part of family wise. i went to a funeral yesterday. it was for a man whom i have known pretty much my entire life. he was a rude, often times nasty man, but not at all like that later in life. for you see, he changed a lot, and i took notice of it. the last time i saw him he asked me how my life was. i told him about college and all the hardships i went through. he was caring for the first time ever to me, and he asked about how i handled it. he actually wanted to know about me and in the end he gave me advice and showed a nice attitude towards me. in my early years he would tease me and get mad because i was always being awnry with my dad. this all happened mostly at powwows and such. this man was a huge, bulking mass of over 300 pounds per square inch, and when he entered a room or raised his voice you took notice. still, when you look down into a casket and see someone lying there dead, you begin to remember all the past times that happened. it's only natural to do that, and it's only natural that you probably start thinking about your own funeral. the service was nice yesterday. we all gathered down in lawton oklahoma for the wake. it was held at a little comanche church. if there is one thing i always remember about funerals, it's the songs. the one's i often go to are all indian funerals, and with those come the beautiful native songs. those songs carry people's prayers and emotions through the service. you can feel the tenderness that comes from those that sing them. you listen and hear the native language of whatever tribe the song belongs to. you hear it and know that this is powerful stuff. it has it's own healing powers. it makes you emotional yes, but it also heals you too. when people pass on, your spirit is broken down. you need something to help you put it back together. friends, family, and worship do just that. my memories of this man who died were not that good before we got to the funeral. but after spending some time with the family and talking about life, i began to think hard on other events that we shared and i came to find out there some good ones like the one i already mentioned. sadly he has passed on, and the family is grief strickened, but not all is lost. the man is no longer in pain and suffering and his faith has led him to a much better place than where we live. i believe that.

this music post is a large one in honor of a large man i once knew. the band's name even relates to what took place yesterday. this is in no way disrespect. i'm not trying to be cruel, but instead trying to lighten the mood. the man who passed loved eating and was always the one to get us going to the buffet or fast food place. that's one thing i will always remember him by. the guy loved to eat and was a great person to chat with when "greasin'" as we call call it. the band was called Funeral Diner and they left their mark just as this man whom i knew did.

this was another screamo/skrams band whom i discovered through many websites and forum posts. people often referred them to me when i asked of bands in these certain genres. these guys were from half moon bay, california which is about 25 miles or so from san francisco. they were active from 1998-2008, so they lasted much longer than most bands of this style. they recorded often, but kept their catalog in limited quantities and today their music is often purchased at extreme prices on sites like whatever and who cares. the band had former members from other screamo acts like Portraits of Past and Takaru which is awesome to take note because those bands were great as well. their early sound was 90's style emo and hardcore then later evolving into more dynamic variations like post-rock and indie. in all, this band was highly praised and worth your time if you dig this sort of stuff.

today is a huge mega post. i have here, pretty much their entire discography minus the countless splits, and singles. some of those hard to get recordings have been collected into full length albums and a few of those are here. okay, so first we are starting with their ep titled, The Wicked, then moving along we have the full length Difference of Potential, then next we have Three Sides Dead. the fourth post is the lp titled ...Is Dead, then after that we have the ep Swept Under and then their last full length lp titled The Underdark. that's my personal choice right there. and finally in last place is their final recording. the ep titled Doors Open. i know this is a lot of music here. give some of it a chance if you wish. you might like it!!!

rest in peace...

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