Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Knife Fight...

battling my way through the hordes of people at my local best buy and walmart, i stumbled upon the holy grail, or at least something that was ten dollars cheaper than anywhere else. with my hands sweaty, i leaned forward and grabbed the last copy of Lost: Season 5 on bluray, and quietly took it to the trolls counter. after sacrificing my christmas money to the corporate demons, i descended from the electronics section and made my way to freedom from the dangerous catacombs of low priced stores. all was well once i made it to my trusty steed, "Jeep Grand Cherokee: 1996 edition". with my music coming out only on the left side, i made the journey home through the treacherous ice covered streets of oklahoma, and onto the horizon sky with my treasure intact. along the way i passed many more obstacles like the gargoyle known as "star bucks" and the hell beast that guards the "little caesars pizza" joint. over city tundra and past broken down horses trapped under many feet of snow, i eventually made it back to my castle safely. i departed from my trusty steed after patting him on the dashboard, and walked the last walk to the large metal screen door that keeps me and my family safe from the outside world. once in, i took off my battle armor jacket and soft beanie helmet and took a long rest in front of my television. i popped in one of my newly collected dvd devices and started to watch crude adult humor programming. my quest was finally over, and just in time for dinner.

i have never been to canada, but i hear it's an amazing place to see. all the forests and untouched land just begging to be explored. of course if i went i wouldn't travel too far. i don't want to end up like the grizzly man... anyway, our northern neighbors have produced some fine artists that make creative music for people who care. i know this because i listen to a ton of them!!! artists like Broken Social Scene, F*cked Up, Metric, Billy Talent, and today's profile band, Alexisonfire.

i first heard this band through my early days of music exploration once i got my first desktop. this was way back in 2002 or so. these guys started in 2001, producing their own ep and gaining an underground following. they describe their own music as, "the sound of two catholic high-school girls in a mid-knife-fight." in reality, it's post-hardcore screamo/skrams stuff which i just dig so much. it's chaotic, but technically beautiful and full of so much angst that you can't help but sometimes scream along.

since the release of their debut album, the band has gone on world tours and dropped three more lp's. oh, and for those who don't know, the band's name is pronounced (alexis on fire). he he so with that brief history run-down, here is the debut album which is self titled. this is where they started and you can tell that right away because the music is sometimes off, and sometimes sloppy, but oh man, it's full of heart and delicate care towards the source material. check this out and give our friends from the north a listen!!!


i gotta be making my way hhhhooooommmmeeee...

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