Monday, December 7, 2009

What A Day...

it started off okay, but then suddenly became a matter of fact ordeal of which there was no escape except into the back of my mind. granted, this all only lasted a few minutes, but that's all the time bile needs in order for it to sink into your soul like slow slime flowing from a rusty faucet. there wasn't much for me to say on the subject because any words from me would have been unwelcome and a waste of breath. it sucks that assumptions take on so many evil forms when mentioned to people. i think this time it took on the form of a ferocious man eating monster that enjoyed the taste of my sadness and hopelessness. you can't pick up the pieces when you are driving because you have to focus on the road in front of you. i think my pieces are still scattered all over the dirty floors of my car...

i need something loud. something to take me away for a bit. something that will fill in the gaps left in my body and spirit. i think i will listen to Ride.

what was i doing back in 1988 when these guys formed??? probably dreading the following year when i would start kindergarten i suppose. to think, the music i jam the most now was all around me way back when and yet i didn't listen to any of it until my 20's. i guess this is something of the norm when it comes to the great stuff we jam each day. they say that college is the place where you discover lots and lots of things. ride happened to be one of those discoveries as well as shoegaze in general.

i love loud music. noisy, spastic, crazy, trippy, flippy, whatever it is i like and the awesomely loud guitars and drums and bass in this band takes the cake. ride were a different breed amongst their creation record label peers. (The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Oasis...) even though they had the loud guitars and reverb feedback, the band were more of a live juggernaut than the sleepyheads of other shoegazers out there. you can feel the intensity on their debut record Nowhere. look to songs like "seagull" and "kaleidoscope" for the sonic assault. its for these reasons that the band, and the record showcased here, were held up in high regard and always listed as one of the great shoegazing acts to ever perform.

i'm passionate about the music i post here. i mean no harm to any of the artists when i post their work even though i know that's it's doing them harm in some way. but really, who else is gonna tell people about this great music out there??? i don't see or hear any of it on heavy rotation like most of the putrid trash we get fed regularly by the media. i just want people to dig deep and take a listen because all this music i post is really personal to me. it all is.

here today is the debut album by ride titled Nowhere which is also the same name of a totally whacked out 90's druggy comedy by director greg araki. so go ahead and check out the music and if you can, be sure to give greg araki a chance!!!

I know that you are thinking of me now,
I can feel it but I don't know how.
When I'm gone you will see so clear
That I left some words unspoken here.

All these words that I have said,
Float around you, fill your head.
All the times we laughed and cried,
I never thought I'd leave you behind.

I don't want you to understand,
You will never hold me in your hand.
I don't want you to see my face,
When I fade away and leave this place.

All these words that I have said,
Float around you, fill your head.
All the times we laughed and cried,
I never thought I'd change your mind.

All these songs fill my head,
Dance around you when I'm dead.
All the love I ever knew,
Kaleidoscopes around to you.

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