Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heaven restores you in life...

ugh, i skipped church this morning. i knew that staying up late would make me too tired in the early morning. i always know that and yet i still stay up late. totally my fault. back in college we would get guest speakers to come to the school and give lectures. most of the time i missed them by accident or choice and i never felt guilty about it. right now though, when i miss church i feel bad and irresponsible. church has more meaning to me nowadays than anything else.

i'm not in such a depressing mood as i was a few days earlier, but today's music choice isn't all that sunny either. well, i guess it all depends on how you think this bands music is. to me it's real depressing, and yet poppy and danceable. much like my favorite post-punk band from the 80's (Joy Division) whom this band is always compared to, they rock and make simplistic quality music that almost seems to easy. here today is Interpol.

yeah, interpol is finally here on my blog. i've been meaning to post on these guys for a while and they have most definitely arrived!!! the first time i heard and seen them was in their music video for the song "evil" with the injured puppet in the car wreck. my first impression was "wow, these guys remind me of joy division." after the fact and much later on i found myself humming the song and it was then i became aware of my new found interest in the band because that friggin' song wouldn't leave my head!!! some time later i went to my local indie record store and found their first two albums. oh yeah, it was all a big joy division rip off i told myself. bbbbuuuuuuttttt, i kept listening to it anyway. i eventually became a huge fan and forgave them for ripping off joy division. (better to rip off a great band than nothing i guess...)

interpol are from new york city and have been branded as one of the first of the post-punk revival of the 2000's along with other artists like The Strokes, The Killers, The Bravery, Arctic Monkeys, The Editors, Bloc Party, and Franz Ferdinand. so did all of that blow your mind??? i actually like all of those bands mentioned. i might get around to posting on them in time. anyway, interpol formed back in 1998 and began playing shows under no real name before adopting interpol. they released several ep's from 1998 to 2001 before signing with matador records who released their debut album Turn On the Bright Lights. they would release another album on matador before leaving the label and joining capitol. these guys are still rocking out and working on new material for a fourth album.

i have here their three full lengths. first is Turn On the Bright Lights then Antics and last, Our Love To Admire. these albums all change a little bit each time because the band keeps changing. it's really something to witness when you love music so much. (Radiohead) get into this stuff and chillax.

no more obstacles...

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