Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Hurrah...

this will be my last post until saturday. i'm spending the next two days with my family and i don't think i will get around to the computer anytime soon. it's almost 7am here in oklahoma. the weather is about to change from wet and windy to cold and snowy. the forecast mentioned heavy snow tonight in the metro area. i believe this will be the first white christmas we've had in years. i'm looking forward to it.

the spirit if christmas is here. i just wish everyone could enjoy it. there are some in my family who would rather it be over. i don't know why they feel this way, but i can only assume. it's rather sad that it happens like that, but there's nothing i can do. still, despite those circumstances, i'm happy and it took a lot for me to get out of my awful rut from the past couple of weeks. my energy is there and my sleep is much much better. i can actually enjoy the entire day now instead of just sleeping it in!!! out there across the states i have several friends. right now i just want to wish you all a very merry christmas. it's times like these when we think of others more than ourselves and i can't help but think of all those i love and care about. i miss all of my old college schoolmates as well as some others whom i have met over the summer and such. i even miss some really special people who are close to my heart. (you know who you are!!!) they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. i have to agree because my heart is bursting with love and hope.

tis the season for great feelings and wonderful moments. going back to my childhood, i can distinctly remember all those nights watching the christmas specials on television. for me, the ones that always stood out were, A Christmas Story, Home Alone, It's A Wonderful Life, The Grinch, and my personal favorite, A Charlie Brown Christmas. let's just skip that awful Star Wars Holiday Special shall we??? heh heh

over the years the show has never stopped being a tradition and even today i still see people cuddle up close and watch poor charlie brown and his little tree drop their heads. i always wondered why charles schulz treated charlie brown with such depressing outcomes. i think it goes back to people's childhoods. not everything was picture perfect, this i know. but, even though things seem bad for poor chuck, in the end the peanuts gang come along and cheer him up with christmas spirit and charlie brown get his point across on the true meaning of christmas.

which is something most people tend to skip or forget entirely. yes, christmas is about the birth of jesus christ. not santa, frosty, or mr hankey. do you all remember the scene where linus takes the stage and gives the speech about christmas??? well for it's time back then, i don't think this would have been considered controversial because people had better morals than they do today. if this little cartoon was made today, it wouldn't get it's chance to speek. it would get lambasted and blacklisted and probably burned in a first pit and run over by those dumb escalades and hummers.

christmas is always the time of year where things should be at their peek. the year is just about to end and all of the events that we survived through are going to be behind us and a new future is ahead. i look back on this year with fractured memories. i say that because it's true. some of the events that took place are broken to me. i wish i could not remember some, but i know they will forever be with me. my last year of college is the hardest to think about. i so wanted to make my last year the best year ever, but instead it turned into the worst situation and eventually led me to the hospital and then back home defeated. i still graduated in may, but the damage was done and i went back a former shell of myself. but, there was hope for me. this hope came in the form of my family and friends and most importantly, my wonderful church. getting to go to church has saved my life. no matter what mood i am in, or what i am thinking about, my church and the people in it have saved me from the brink of death. it has been a great blessing to finally find a place where i belong and am loved and cared about. i didn't really find it out west, but instead found it back home where it was the entire time.

tis the season for forgiveness and love. i have had to bite my lip several times in order to keep the peace. in all, i just want happiness and love amongst all my friends and family. to forgive someone is a trial that we all have to do sometime. to never forgive and stay bitter forever is more hard. i try my best through all the heavy storms to be a good person. i just hope i am.

i have here A Charlie Brown Christmas the soundtrack. it's a fantastic timeless collection of music made by the wonderful jazz pianist vince guaraldi. you all have heard these songs somewhere. standout tracks include the peanuts theme song "linus and lucy" my favorite one which is called "skating" and then the wonderful "o tannenbaum". if you are feeling nostalgic, check out this classic album.

merry christmas everybody...

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