Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day...

what a year it's been. i almost can't remember some of it. well, some things i have tried to block from my mind and others i gladly remember. it was a year full of pain and doubt. lot's and lot's of doubt. still, i'm alive and typing this right now. i don't have much to say about this year. for those who know me personally, i guess it's okay to let it slip by because to tell you what took place might be a bit shocking. i don't want to bring up such issues with anyone unless it's a deep conversation between those who love me. i will say this though, i just want to apologize to those i hurt. i never meant to do any harm to anyone of you. if i was at fault i'll take the blame. if i was a huge jerk, i'll take the slap. if i was ever, in any way, shape, or form in another frame of mind from some sort of abuse to myself, i'm sorry about that and ask that you please forgive me. and after saying these things i want to point out a few other things. i'm most thankful for my family and friends this past year. without you people i wouldn't be alive. i mean that. if it wasn't for the love and kindness i would probably not be here now. coming home from college back in late march was a very hard thing to do. i left school defeated and i also left someone i loved there too. once i got home i had no direction to go in. but, eventually i began to meet new people and connect with my family again and because of that i, slowly but surely, started to build myself up once more and am now grateful for it. i'm not the same person i was back there. i'm healthier and more alive. i'm often at times, more happy than i use to be. and even now, during certain moments where everything seems at an end, i can let go of old memories that plague my mind and hurt, and pull myself out of those dark places. i can actually be free from the pain of my heart!!! yes, this past year was a doozy, and i'll never forget it even though i try hard to. i guess i learned a lot of things that will stay with me for years to come. that kind of education you can't get anywhere else.

okay, so this is my last music post for the year 2009. some might take it seriously and try to post something huge, epic, and totally above and beyond what you might think of as "important" subject matter for a year end final post. heck, i could go about and make a tiresome "best of" list for the year or even the decade. i'm not gonna do that because many already have. i will say though, that these first ten years of the new millennium have been disappointing in many ways. first off the music isn't nearly as memorable to me as the 90's were. second, movies nowadays just suck. they suck and aren't original anymore. there are but a few i would mention here as being terrific, but alas, i'm not going to do that. and third, people in general aren't as great as they use to be. maybe i'm an old soul trapped in a young man's body, but what the heck happened to morals??? why are we all so focused on the flesh and venom that comes from our own mouths??? ugh, anyway that's all i'm going to say. for my last post of 2009, here is the awesome punk band, Dillinger Four.

okay, so according to what i just posted above, the music in the new millennium has been disappointing to me. so why is this band (and all the others i posted) considered good in my book??? well, i'll tell ya!!! the word here is, ORIGINALITY. all of the artists i post on have that great quality that separates them from the rest. okay, so i know some of you won't agree with me when it comes to a few of my selections, but that's totally fine. to find originality you have to listen hard and study the points of the artists. even their sounds might resemble the work of others, but there is a difference there that can be subtle and spread about in various places. also, the artists i post on take inspiration and show respect to those that came before them. so much aping happens in the music world today that it all becomes mush in my ears. but here, i can safely say that this isn't mush. it's actually a good listen and dillinger four are a part of that cannon.

these guys are major players in the orgcore world of punk. they only have four releases under their belt, but that doesn't mean they are tired folks. nope, they just take their time to make great music. they craft their songs like an artist might carve ice. there is a sense if maturity here despite the punk rawness of their music. these guys started way back in 1994 in minnesota and are still present today. many punks have seen them live, but many more haven't since they seem to be a sort of rarity when it comes to live shows. i'm not sure, but i think the last time i heard of them playing was at The Fest in gainsville florida. i still want to go to that and right here, right now, i'm making my first new years resolution to go to that festival next october. (that is, if we all are still here of course)

dillinger four have, well, four albums out there for ya. right here right now you can listen to them all!!! first is the debut record, Midwestern Songs of the Americas. second we have Versus God followed by Situationist Comedy. and last we have the album that took six years to happen, Civil War. some say that all punk sounds the same and that the genre is stale and even dead. that's not the case with dillinger four. enjoy!!!

happy new year...

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