Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Wonderland...

oklahoma was declared a natural disaster zone this past holiday weekend. we were snowed in and didn't make it to anyone's get-together's. it was okay though. we were in good spirits for the most part and christmas day was good because i just laid around all day and watched some classic christmas programs. The Nightmare Before Christmas was on the disney channel and i guess it still holds up, but eh.

i'm thinking about sneaking out later tonight to go visit my other grandmother. she's stuck at her apartment and needs some company. i sure she misses my two little cousins who are currently residing in indonesia. i hope they had a fun christmas away from the states. i know i wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.

short and sweet is this post today. here is an old school emo band from the 90's i forgot to post on. they were short lived, but left some really great tunes. often seen touring with Jimmy Eat World back in the day, this band hailed from denver colorado and existed from 1993 to 1997. the band was called Christie Front Drive.

the band cited influences like Superchunk, Buffalo Tom, Jawbox, and Drive Like Jehu. they released only two full length albums and several split ep's with bands like the mentioned Jimmy Eat World and another one of my favorites, Boys Life. in 2007 the band reunited with all the original members and played during the denver fest at the marquis theater.

skipping all the splits, here are their two essential releases. first is the Anthology lp which was a collection of early 7 inch records and singles. the second lp is called Stereo by the fans and it contains their last recorded output. be sure to give these guys a listen and keep your ears open for a few of my favorite songs like "drive" and "valentine".

i better check on the dog...

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