Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Baby...

i didn't get the job. even though i qualified for it, they gave it to someone else... right now i totally feel defeated. i'm really tired and depressed (again...) i don't like it when i'm in this state, so i'm gonna go to sleep for a little bit and try to feel better later. i need to find a job somewheres...

life is throwing me a bunch a curves at the moment. i can't seem to hit any. it's like i'm becoming a statue or something. i can't seem to move at all and i don't have any desire or energy to do much. i'm not in the best of places now...also the month is now September which brings with it something i can't seem to care about anymore.

ugh, forget it. here, listen to this guy and ignore my stupid words. he goes by the name Burial and this is his second album Untrue.


i promise to be better laters...

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  1. me too, time moves along, but it's like i haven't accomplished anything too substantial. run away with me to alaska! lol :P