Monday, September 7, 2009

All Star Me...

sunday was a good day. i went to bed the night before feeling bad about some personal things and woke the next day ready to have a blast and enjoy life. it was my cousin micco's b-day, so me and him and his mom and my grandma went to eat mexican after church. needless to say, we got stuffed!!! i dont know, it was just a good day and i can't ask for anything more...well i wish some things in my family were better, but despite those circumstances all was well. ha ha, this is making me think of some old times i've had with my cousin. here is a picture for you to see of us.

i'm guessing i was about one or close to two and micco was probably six or seven. ha ha oh man...

good times for sure. i like it when we all get together and there is nothing to worry about. you know, no drama rama lama sludge that likes to seep through the cracks of our lives and try to make us hate and purge with bile that comes from deep down...i'm just happy and when i'm happy, i feel alive and grateful.

so since i'm in a good mood how about some upbeat music for once??? this band is called Saves the Day. melodic hardcore that you can also just call pop punk if you want. this is my favorite album of theirs called Through Being Cool. get this music on your mp3 players and learn the lyrics and sing along!!!

This isn't the way we planned

I wasn't supposed to forget your taste
Like nights spent figuring all the ways that we came to this place
There we were alone on top of your old rooftop in Highland Park
But ask me now..
Say, "Chris look out across the sky and tell me which way the wind blows."
A core of coal
A core of coal and starches in within me
But even now that you're not here
I climb these mountains of houses every night
I say your name and I wish
I could have done things right

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