Saturday, September 5, 2009

The wild night is calling...

i was nostalgic last night. i watched An American Tail for a little bit online. this took me back to my childhood. i remember seeing this movie when i was a child. my parents took me i think. i have fond memories of having the videotape and watching this movie a lot before i started kindergarten. living during the 80's in oklahoma was different i suppose. of course i didn't know what other places were like since i never left the state until i was much older. i just assumed we all lived in the same spot. i think back and remember seeing things i didn't understand at the time. it's best that i didn't know then. just try to figure out what's wrong with drunk people in your house. try to figure out what your parents are fighting over. why is there blood??? why are there beer bottles in the yard??? why didn't he or she come home last night???

despite all of that, i was still a child and i had my own experiences. of course i went through a bunch of trauma, and yes it did make me slightly different from other children, but i still had some fun doing my own thing. i liked legos and dinosaurs. i loved watching all three starwars movies back-to-back and i first started my long relationship with music which was always there.

my mother played lots of different things. i loved them all except for Guns n' Roses which i personally still hate everything about. i remember hearing The Beatles, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Marvin Gaye, The Band, and U2. My dad would play stuff like Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Rush (ugh...) and U2 (again!!!). so yeah, i grew up with good music for the most part. it wasn't until i was older that i branched off and began my own feelings towards music. despite that, i fondly remember this music i grew up with. one artist i love now and loved back then is Van Morrison. mom played this guy a ton. here for you to jam are three albums. first is Atral Weeks and then Moondance and last is Tupelo Honey.

i'm still in sleep mode. i only awoke so i could post and get some munchies...

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  1. oh my, i really like that movie. i can see how nostalgia would creep up. i went to disneyland and got a Fievel stuffed animal and i loved him. it was our last family vacation together. :)