Monday, September 21, 2009

Take me to the darklands...

my dog escaped from the backyard. after i got back from the post office i found him waiting on the porch. he started to run away so i went after him and grabbed his collar to bring him back. he bit me several times. ugh... still he's really sweet and i don't have any hard feelings towards him. also he stinks to high heaven. i gave him a bath (sprayed him with the hose) and trimmed some of the clumps of fur off his body. he bit me a few more times during that ordeal...

for the music i want you all to check out The Jesus and Mary Chain. i discovered them the first time i watched the movie Lost in Translation. the song "just like honey" was quite good and reminded me of My Bloody Valentine. lots of feedback and soft singing come with this band. it's their trademark.

what i have here are two albums that i consider my favorites. first is their wonderful debut lp Psychocandy and then their second album titled Darklands. with their second album came a little change in sound. sure you still get the depressive singing from Jim Reid and the guitar feedback of his brother William Reid, but the change came in the song structure itself. this time the band went for a more "poppy" sound and less squeal and angst. songs like "darklands" "only happy when it rains" and "april skies" showed that the band was more than just noise and punk attituted. so with that i hope you enjoy and please be sure to turn the volume way up when you listen to these guys!!!

Im going to the darklands
To talk in rhyme
With my chaotic soul
As sure as life means nothing
And all things end in nothing
And heaven I think
Is too close to hell
I want to move I want to go
I want to go
Oh something wont let me
Go to the place
Where the darklands are
And I awake from dreams
To a scary world of screams
And heaven I think
Is too close to hell
I want to move I want to go
I want to go
Take me to the dark
Oh God I get down on my knees
And I feel like I could die
By the river of disease
And I feel that Im dying
And Im dying
Im down on my knees
Oh Im down
I want to go I want to stay
I want to stay

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