Monday, September 7, 2009

Dont Hate Me...

just making up for a day off from droppin' a blog... i keep watching the office all the time. i must have played my season four dvd's over 50 times. disc three is starting to wear out and skip a little. that is a time tested way of showing you that you must watch that particular disc way too much. lol i can't wait to get season five this month. it's the only thing i want for my b-day!!! (hint hint...)

i'm still in a great mood, but staring to get a little tired. i got up way too early this morning and so with that i'm currently thinking of taking a small nap. is this a good idea??? well i have nothing else to do today on this labor day of days. oh, here is a pic of me that i got recently from someone special. (see older post...)

i think i look a big haggard and this is usually how i look anyway.

ha ha...soooooooo i still am in the uplifing music mood, so here is The Get Up Kids!!! two great albums and my faves from these emo ledgends. (i bet they wouldn't like me sayin' that...) what you see here are their first two full length albums. Four Minute Mile and Something to Write Home About. think the muppet rock efforts of the band Superchunk and the pop dynamics of the better days of Weezer and you might have an idea of this band. (or you might not...)

you know, i remember school starting later than it does for most kids nowadays. it would usually start in september...

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