Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't care were just far away...

it's now saturday but i'm still awake. since i have been doing nothing but reading angry comments to me from some youtube people and jammin' some tunes, i have come to the decision to post on the blog. this is one i have been waiting for for a long time and now that i'm here i'm ready to begin. (it's all about the music.)

okay, so here is the band Deftones. i'm a passionate person and there are few muscial acts that i get passionate about. many people say that so and so are their favorite band and that's okay, but do they really mean that??? are most of those people old enough to really decide what artist is their favorite? do they even listen to that artist today??? my dad often tells me that Led Zeppelin is his favorite band and i believe him. he got to see them in their glory days when he was a teenager and to this day he still jams them often.

what i'm gettin' at is i have a band like that. the deftones are that band. i truly believe myself when i say that they are my favorite band. i still listen to them today and will listen to them when i'm old and zombies or aliens take over the planet.

i don't know what it was that made me like them so much back then, but during my high school years this band litterally GOT ME THROUGH the tough times and terrible life that i had. yes, some of the worst times of my life were back when i was a teenager. i try my best to not dwell on them, but i'm not that strong when it comes to that. but despite those harsh moments, the deftones provided an outlet for me to escape.

it was their third album White Pony that made me a fan. i was up really late one night back in 2001 and watching MxTxVx when the video for the song "digital bath" came on. it was all shot in black and white and had this dream-pop elegance to it. now i freekin' love the shoegaze/dream-pop genre and when lead singer Chino Moreno hit those high notes i was filled with extacy and warmth. this man knows how to sing!!! he reminded me of Morrisey and a bit of Bono. (thats not a bad thing)

okay, so i got into them real heavy and went and picked up all their albums they had to date at that time which was three. my last year of high school they released their fourth album which was their self titled effort. after that not much happened for a long time. in 2006 they finally released their fifth album Saturday Night Wrist. this album became their defining moment for me. this one album showcased the bands entire creative output and all of their influences came to fruition. that year i got to see them in denver and to this day that was one of the best experiences of my life. i actually had my "emo" moment. i was litterally in tears. i just couldn't believe it. i was seein' my favorite band live for the first time!!! the songs they played shot me back in time and reminded me of all the stuff i went through during my teen years. it was almost like a timewarp. i have never had that type of experience again. (i don't even think drugs could do it...)

so here you go. all five of their albums minus their bootlegs and rarities. Adrenaline, Around the Fur, White Pony, Deftones, and Saturday Night Wrist. Just like Radiohead (my second favorite band) deftones fans are very passionate about the band and they know just how great these guys are. it's funny, but when i met the fans at the future deftones concerts i went to, you could really see how much they loved this band. there was a special energy flowing through the crowds and even though there were douchebags flipping them off and yelling at them, the fans didn't care. it was just them and the band. connecting together and sharing a moment. what else could you want???

I climbed your arms
then you pulled away
a new cavity moved into
my heart today
the more she sings
the more it seems
that now I'm through
now I'm through
with the new you
I drove you home then
you moved away
new cavity moved into
my heart today
the more i scream
the more it seems now I'm through
now I'm through
with the new you
new you

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