Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Everybody Hates Schuyler...

not really...lol!!! the title is based on my new favorite show Everybody Hates Chris, which i just started gettin' in to. this show is fantastic and very relatable in some ways. i just wish i could have discovered it much earlier, but oh well. i now have the opportunity to see it often!!! so today is tuesday and not much to write about. i guess i'll mention some more television. uh, well i really like Top Chef and the food on that show looks absolutely good. i wish i had smell-o-vison because the aroma looks appealing, plus the chefs don't seem to look like dirty buggers. (*cough Hell's Kitchen cough*)

anyway, for the music, how about something a little more experimental and spacy??? do you like post-rock??? do you know what that is??? well for starters it's just music played with no lyrics. sounds like nothing really new because haven't artist been playing instrumentals since like forever??? well yeah, but for some reason this genre (i hate genres...) has garnered lots of praise and has developed it's own cult status. i guess those who review music came up with the term just like all genres. to me, what serperates post rock from most instrumental music is that the artists focus on the craft of making epic soundscapes and pure art that paints mental pictures in your mind and can take you to places you probably never thought of. okay, so to get on with the post, the band is called Explosions in the Sky. they hail from texas and you might have heard them without knowing. their music is played on the televison show Friday Night Lights as well as the movie. their music has actually been in many forms of entertainment. it's like background music for some, but for me it's just pure beauty. i hope you like it as much as i do!!! this is their third and most popular album The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place.


lay back and relax your mind...

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