Friday, September 18, 2009

My have the years of our youth passed on...

my dad is gonna take me to see The Black Crows at the state fair on the 24th. this is gonna be totally awesome. for once i just want some straight up no bs rock and roll. the last time we both went to a concert was back in 2003. we saw Pearl Jam and that was really cool. i think this is will be just as great if not better.

since i'm in a rock n' roll mood, i want to post some rock music. now this band is deep in punk roots, but they are also a bit soul and a bit blues too. they are called The Gaslight Anthem and over the past year or two they have blown up bigger than the white house did in the movie independance day.

here is their entire discography. you get their two full lengths Sink or Swim and The 59 Sound, and also their ep titled The Senior and The Queen. check these guys out and go see them on their current tour if it's near your area. i know for sure you will not be dissapointed. get into them now before everybody and their dog does because these guys are on the edge and about to launch off into the stratosphere.

as we go down down down
from our youth to the ground
down down down down down...

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