Thursday, September 3, 2009

The poet i never was...

i got the temp job. hopefully i won't become like Ryan from the well last night was surprising for me. after only a few texts i now have some old pictures that were taken by my ex girlfriend a few years ago when she came back to oklahoma with me for a powwow. they are really nice and i was reminded of a very special time in my life. but anyway, that's all done and over with. it was just cool and really out of no where which i like when that sort of stuff happens and it's a good thing and not bad.

i really like this pic here. she made me look cool for one moment!!!

okay, so the music is some more screamo/skrams for ya. these guys are legendary and like most screamo bands, shortly lived. they were called, Saetia.

they have a power that just bleeds through the speakers. the singer screams very spastic like and when you first hear it you might think he's in pain, which he actually might have been. theres also spoken word and emo singing, all mixed together rather beautifully and arranged for those intense buildups that this genre has become known for. this album is called A Retrospective and it contains their entire discography. you have it all here, so enjoy and let the emotions speak up.

"Close my eyes
Pull my heart strings
Pour my tears from your hands
connections are never easy,
You said empty words
Empty soul
I believe that we are afraid of one another
And I,
I believe that you have died within me
... I fade from myself
I miss you again
I fade from myself
I miss you again...
again (what have we got?)
Bloody broken and hidden away
I seek the rope from which we will hang
Or so it seems
Or so it seems
The dance of flesh on flesh has rendered us blind
I look into eyes,
I look into stone
It's better to be stepped on than left all alone...
So now I choke on yesterday when I was someone
And I wonder where 'forever' went
And how our 'everything' came undone
I opened my eyes and the heaven beneath us died."

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