Friday, September 25, 2009

And the cat turned to smoke...

chaotic friday. all day i slept. i can't believe i did that...i'm so mad at myself. (not really) i guess all this sleep comes from depression. i don't know. i just don't like doing that. well, it's not like i had much to do anyway. i mean i could have gone to a concert tonight, but i slept instead...

i need something to wake me up. how about some screamo??? here is the band Orchid. very crazy fast to the point of grindcore levels, but with much emotion and thought out lyrics that spread out across many levels with references to nietzsche and european critical theory among others.

here are their full length ablums. Chaos is Me, Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomarrow!, Gatefold, and Totality. the last is a compilation of sorts that contains most of their singles and split materials.

we smiled and said
"I'll see you this summer."

but we know that it was over.
That's just what you say to someone
who's dying.
that's just what you say.
This is to us.
our hands fit, at least for a while.
I miss the face, I miss the taste
I'm sorry about it all...

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