Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're back, a schuyler story...

yeah, so i'm back home now. my dad is currently sitting in the armchair, watching crappy television and hurting with shoulder pain. surgery is a nasty thing. i'm glad i didn't have to go through it.

okay, so it's been a little fuzzy these past few days, but all is well. i'm currently jammin' some awesome electronic music, so it's something i want to post on. here is, The Future Sound of London.

once again, this is going back to the 90's. mxtxvx used to have this totally awesome show called, AMP, and it was usually on real late at night. it showcased sooooooo many awesome electronic acts for several hours. the future sound of london happened to be one of them. electronic music burst through in the 90's and has evolved so much over the years since. FSOL were one of the pioneers, and every album they release is upgrading the electronic genre. this duo, consisting of garry cobain, and brian douglas, hail from manchester, england. they work in many of the electronic sub-genre's, such as ambient, techno, trip-hop, drum n' bass and dance.

today you will find three of their albums. this is all from the best of their 90's work. and for a heads up, I'M TERRIBLY SORRY FOR HAVING TO USE RAPIDSHARE!!! okay, so the first thing to check out is the album, Lifeforms. this is a double album of experimental ambient techno. it's probably their most famous work and is a masterpiece of electronic music. next is the album, ISDN, followed by the album, Dead Cities. both of these are totally awesome and contain some, still fresh beats. check out the song "amoeba" from ISDN, and the songs, "my kingdom" and "we have explosive" from, Dead Cities. enjoy!!!

this here is a sample from the AMP show. this is exactly what it was like to watch all those years ago. FSOL are the first video on this clip.

totally AWESOME BRO!!!

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