Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plays one on tv...

a lot to be done these days. time is short. must accomplish something worthwhile...

i wanted to post some twinkly emo for ya. here is the band, Castevet.

here was one of the best surprises of 2009 for me. this little band from chicago came out from nowhere with a very awesome, three song demo, and got the attention for many a punk rocker/emo kid. their style is a combination all the best things we love from the underground genre's of punk and emo as well as indie. taken straight from their myspace itself, it says that their influences come from bands like, American Football, Small Brown Bike, Braid, Collosal, Dianogah, Ghost's and Vodka, and The Appleseed Cast. throw in some Hot Water Music and Explosions In the Sky, and you have the best examples of what this little band sounds like. this is great music that can fill in the backgrounds, or be used when working on something. if you like the twinkly stuff and the emo stuff and the post-rock stuff, then you will like this stuff. trust me on this. i don't post on just ANY band...

we have here everything they have put out so far. since they are relatively new to the scene, (i think they may have started in 2007 or so...) they have just a little collection of sorts, but this is pure gold. first we have the three song demo, I Know What A Lion Is. after that comes the official full length that many had been waiting for, Summer Fences. this is such a great album. it now ranks up there with the american football albums for it's emotional response when listened to. seriously, it made my summer of 2009 much better than what it was. i remember listening to it when i went to california for a college workshop. the plane ride was much more relaxing. you can't help but feel at ease when jamming it. try it out and take a closer look at the world around you. and in last place is the newest album by the band called, The Echo and The Light. i personally haven't listened to this yet since my computer is broke down and the one i'm using doesn't have my itunes, but whatever. i'll eventually get to it. enjoy!!!

be at ease


  1. you might want to double check those last two songs on the 8-song echo & the light, i don't think the band has even recorded them yet