Wednesday, March 17, 2010


so, a brand new season of South Park started tonight and overall it was great fun. the usual nonsense humor that the series is known for was taken with an easy stride this time, what with the subject of male sex addiction and celebrity scandals, as the bait on the hook. it reeled me in from the get-go with tiger woods and his wife slugging it out like it was marvel vs capcom. this had me rollin' on the floor!!! it was terrible and seriously funny at the same time. finally, a tiger woods pga golf game taken to the next level!!! (you have to watch it to know what i mean...) while not as good as last seasons' first episode, The Ring, this one is funny and a good start. i have been with this series ever since it's debut back, in like 96 or 97, and it's been getting better and better ever since. some might say it topped itself a few seasons back, but never mind that. i still love it and hope that it will continue for as long as it can. it beats the crapsons and family douche by thousands of miles anyway!!! :P

once in a while, a new artist will emerge that quickly gets my attention for what they are doing in music. i have one to mention right now for ya!!! it's a young woman who goes by the name of, Lonelady.

you are reading it here from me, so i'm calling it right now. this gal is gonna make it. her music is totally awesome and it relishes in the classic styles of post-punk and nu-wave. she comes from manchester, england and has been making her own music since 2005. at first it was just her and a drum machine. using a 4 track recorder, she started making her own demos and these got her a lot of attention. she was invited over here to play in the annual, sxsx (south by southwest) in austin, texas in 2006. after that she released the single, "army/intuition" which garnered her radio play in her home country. in 2009 she signed to warp records and last month of this year, her debut album, Nerve Up, was released.

Nerve Up, is a wonderful debut album with great, dancy, post-punk songs that scream out with amazing talent. this was a surprise for me, for sure. i haven't been this surprised by a debut recently since The XX released their debut back in 2009. when listening, i heard many artists that have come and gone and are still here. there's sprinkles of, Gang of Four, The B52's, DEVO, Joy Division, The Slits and Siouxie and The Banshees. like i said, this is great stuff and one not to miss. be ahead of the class and rub it all into the faces of your hipster friends. check out, lonelady NOW!!!

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