Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Needs Fixin'...

i didn't want to post today. i'm not feeling that well. but, putting my emotions and feelings about EVERYTHING in my life aside, i guess it's okay to quickly and quietly post something now. it's been a tough day...

here is something to battle your eardrums. this band is called, A Place to Bury Strangers.

this little indie band formed in 2003 in brooklyn, new york and have been garnering intense critical praise and fans since. they play very loud, abusive shoegaze/psychedelic/lo-fi/indie rock that blasts out with so much force, it can possibly cause your bowels to loosen!!! also mix in a little post-punk and nu-wave and you got a good idea i guess. ssssssssoooooooo shortly after forming, the band played several local shows, one of them opening up for The Brian Jonestown Massacre and another opening up for their heroes, The Jesus and Mary Chain. these shows made them become the local it band, and it even got them the tag of, new york's "loudest band".

the band then signed a quick contract with some person and released their self titled debut which received a favorable review from Pitchfork and thus, they blew up. during this time, the band would see themselves opening up for artists like, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Nine Inch Nails. it's 2010 now and the band had recently released their major label debut, Exploding Head. it's a crushing album that will bombast all your senses and put a hurt on your speakers. try these out and see, or better yet, listen for yourself!!!



what to do, what to do...

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