Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming Down...

well, since i missed last weeks new episode of LOST, i get the chance to view it tonight as well as this weeks new one. i better finish this post right now!!!

this one song by this one group always seems to get stuck in my huge head. it's very catchy and sexy. here we go with, The Micronauts.

this paris based dance act started in 1995, getting noticed quickly for their acid style techno and attracting artists like, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld. they did remixes for both groups and got recognition throughout the world. they eventually signed with astralwerks and released the single, "the jag". after this they released their debut ep, Bleep to Bleep and then they split up. today, member cristophe monier still plays music under the micronauts name and has recently released a new full length album.

right here you will find "the jag" single and it's remix along with with Bleep To Bleep ep. also, be sure to check out the video below for the jag. it's directed by greg araki, who has made some awesome movies in his time. enjoy!!!



dirty dirty...

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