Wednesday, March 31, 2010


due to certain events, i can't even join the marines... this really stinks. i mean, come on!!! i guess they don't want to take any risks signing someone with a history like mine. (not that i'm a criminal or somethin'...) no, not like that. instead it's a matter of personal health and such. ugh, i knew my last few years would cause things like this to happen. oh well...

let's skip all this sad banter and post some more upbeat music. here is the awesome and amazing punk band known as, The Bouncing Souls.

one of new jerseys best punk bands, the bouncing souls have been making their own style of pop punk since 1987 and haven't stopped. recently they celebrated their 20 year career with several live shows in sporadic places with guests bands and good times. that's what the bouncing souls are all about, good times. you can't help but get excited and happy when jamming them near by. it's just something about their music that reminds me of summer. heck, it was summer anyway when i first got to see them. it was at warped tour back in 2006 and even though they didn't have the largest crowd, they still rocked the place. this is just good ol' punk music and now, one of the classics.

today you will find their entire discography minus a split, some ep's and some live albums. this is all of the essential material to get your bouncing souls fix. okay, so first we have the album, The Good, The Bad, & The Argyle then my personal favorite album, Maniacal Laughter. after that we come to their self titled album and them the album, Hopeless Romantic. the self titled is another awesome collection of songs from the band. right on, so now we have the albums How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Anchors Aweigh. anchors aweigh is another favorite. and finally we come to the last two, The Gold Record and Ghosts On The Boardwalk. the last album on here is their newest work and also their 20 year celebration album. sssssssssssooooooooooo, with all this music at your disposal, what is there for you to do??? well, in my opinion, try out the second album and then the self titled album. if those are good for ya, then try diggin' into the rest of the collection and please, enjoy the music!!!

oi oi oi oi...


  1. hey could you fix the link for their self titled album?

  2. hey could you fix the link for their self titled album?