Monday, March 8, 2010

Hospital Bills...

i spent most of my morning driving all over oklahoma while going to and from, ada. the back country roads are really nice to get lost in, while listening to decent music. i find it all to be somewhat relaxing and stress free. (something nice to have when you think about huge hospital bills...) i like seeing old, abandoned buildings and farms. there is a certain uniqueness to them that makes me interested in their history. if that show, American Pickers, came to oklahoma, they would most definitely find some interesting stuff.

so, while driving i listened to some more twinkly stuff. coming home i thought of this one band who are very awesome and very good. they are called, Colossal.

this is for those, American Football fans again. straight up, this band kills it with the same mathy/indie/twinkly/90's emo style without being from the 90's. they formed in 2001 and hail from elgin, illinoise, which always seems to be the state with the best midwest emo bands and punk bands. they released an ep and a full length before going on hiatus in 2006 i think. the music they made is so enriched with the midwest emo sound that it's freaky. you think of Cap'n Jazz and other bands like Braid, Boys Life and newer acts like, Algernon Cadwallader, Look Mexico, and Hightide Hotel when listening to them. this band also had members from other notable acts like, Slapstick, The Lawrence Arms, Tuesday, The Falcon and The Smoking Popes. mix in some simple trumpet playing and the low voice of lead singer, pat ford, and you have an eclectic collection of wonderful music here.

so, for those who want, here are the bands releases. first is the ep, some times self titled, but most of the time called, Brave the Elements and then the awesome progression into what the band would really become, the full length, Welcome the Problems. it's a one-two punch that can take you on a trip and is something to be cherished and eaten up. for those who care, try this out!!!

american picker...

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