Monday, March 1, 2010

I can be my own best friend...

i'm gonna leave and go to ada, oklahoma again. this time it's for an appointment with the behavioral health center and also an appointment for some blood work. we'll see how things turn out this time. i really hope we can figure out what on earth is wrong with me, if there is anything wrong. i feel like there is, but i'm not the professional here. it's just that i know when my body is acting up and this is that sort of thing. it's finally time to get some healing and get better, not only for myself, but for everyone else as well. i know this business with me has been a trying time for everyone, so here's some hope that things will become clear and fixed soon enough.

while on the drive down to ada, i'm thinking about listening to some softer music. here is the group called, Bright Eyes which is led by, Conor Oberst.

in the 90's, there was an emo band called, Commander Venus. it consisted of conor oberst, tim kashner (*who went on to form the band Cursive*) and a few other musicians who all came from omaha, nebraska. after that band broke up, conor started the group bright eyes, and it first consisted of just him and some home recordings he made himself. in later years, the group would enlist many members who have come and gone.

the music of bright eyes is all over the place. not so much emo, as it also consists of folk, pop, rock, and electronic styles. in the later albums the music would go for the folk-rock style and mostly stay that way, but this isn't a bad thing. this is great americana music made in today's modern times. conor oberst has been labeled as, "the next Bob Dylan" by some music scholars and that is a nice title, but a hard one to agree on. it's up to you to decide on that. but as for me, nobody can top bob dylan because that man is one-of-a-kind. conor oberst, though, is a fantastic musician and one of the best going right now. after the bands 2007 album, Cassadaga, conor would start making music under his own name and the Mystic Valley Band, moniker, (a funny thing since bright eyes is mostly solo stuff anyway...) and release an album in 2008 and a second one in 2009. in 2009, oberst announced that he wanted to "retire" his bright eyes moniker and make one more release to end it all. that album is planned for sometime this year, so be on the lookout!!!

i have here, four album by bright eyes. these are my selected favorites and probably considered the best by the band. first is the album, Fevers and Mirrors. after that we come to the back-to-back albums both released in 2005 called, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. the first of these two albums is my all time favorite bright eyes album. the song, "lua" is probably the best, most simplest song written by oberst. and the second album of these two is a more electronic fare. the song, "take it easy (love nothing)" was a hit along with "lua" that same year as well. and finally in last place is the 2007 album, Cassadaga. this is the last album by the band until this announced, "final" album appears whenever. so with that, try this out and see if you like it. i know a lot of girls do, so guys, take a note. pump some bright eyes for your special someone and watch as they go all kafkaesque on you!!!

healing time...

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