Monday, March 22, 2010


omg, i'm done with the moccasins!!! like, totally done!!!

now all i have left to do is some bead work on my cape and apron and my fancy dance outfit is complete!!!

this is the final sprint to the finish line for me. my new goal is to have it all done for the OU powwow in late april.

don't ask me why these were so hard to complete. i can't even begin to tell you the story behind them or my outfit in general. way too many memories, both good and bad, to mention. anyway, once it's all finished, i can take a good look back on everything and try to see what it was all about. there are a lot of challenges that took place for me, and hopefully now that i'm a bit older and (maybe) wiser, i can figure out my life from those times.

with all that now done it's time for the music. okay, now as i write this i'm actually in a good mood, so the depression thing isn't really happening at the moment. but don't let that confuse you when you see who i'm posting on today. it's just their turn!!! for all you darklings out there, here is, Bauhaus.

this is one of those bands that always get's mentioned in gothic discussion and name dropped to sound hip and cool. and just to let you all know, it is really cool to mention these guys because they freekin' rule!!! no joke hombre'!!! whatever genre you label them as, (post-punk/goth/nu-wave) bauhaus has garnered themselves the status of, cult legends. they are bigger now than they were during their heyday, which was 1979-1983, then 1998, and then finally 2005-2008. i had the great fortune of seeing them at a Nine Inch Nails, concert back in 2006. (blasphemy i know, but it's okay, don't get all uppity about it.) they were the main reason i wanted to go to that concert, and it was totally worth it.

during the bands many years, they have released several lp's, and ep's as well as singles and live albums. today, you will only find two albums here. these are the only albums i own by the band, and really, this is all i need. i'm posting these here because, i believe this is the best places to start with the band. Bauhaus 1979-1983, is the two album collection of just about everything you need to get your bauhaus on with the quickness. these albums contain all their hits and fan favorites. songs like, "kick in the eye" "she's in parties" the David Bowie cover "ziggy stardust" and the epic, "bela lugosi's dead" are all to be found here. try them out and see if you like it. also, mascara runs when crying and gothic poetry is sometimes self absorbed... pppppfffffttttt

both albums are contained in one megaupload package!!!

bleed black, or red, or blue, or even polka dot!!!

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