Sunday, March 21, 2010


currently washing my dirty clothes. about to finish the last parts of the final moccasin and waiting for tonight's new episode of The Pacific, to start. ha ha, today after church, i went out to go eat with my cousin and some friends for her birthday. we ate at jimmy's egg, which is this totally awesome breakfast place that serves this dish called, "biscuit debris". it's two biscuits, smothered in gravy with sausage, ham, and cheese on top. it also comes with home style fried potatoes as well. anyway, while eating i mentioned this funny joke i heard zack galifinakis say on television. "getting a table for one, at chucky cheese, is hard for someone who looks like me..." lol

ok, so here is some more dance music. check out japanese artist, Ken Ishii.

this dude is, of course, from japan and has been making awesome techno since 1993, when he debuted on the belgian label, R & S records. he broke through in 1995 when he released the highly influential album, Jelly Tones. accompanying it was the music video for the song, "extra". the music video, all done in japanese animation, was created by koji morimoto who was the animation director on the cult classic anime movie, Akira. in 1998, ken ishii created the official theme song for the nagono winter olympics and in 2000, graced the cover of news week for a special on japanese new culture.

today you will find the Jelly Tones, album with the music video for the song, "extra" below it. give this a listen and watch the video, but try not to freak out when you see the insane animation... ENJOY!!!


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