Friday, March 26, 2010

49 Eyes...

sorry i've been away from the blog here. just out havin' some fun i guess. well, fun as in movies. Hot Tub Time Machine, is stupid fun that made me laugh way too much. i suggest you go see it. seriously, this movie is awesome. well, now that that's out of the way, i guess all that's left to do is post some music. oh, wait. i forgot to mention that i'm going paintballin' tomorrow!!! it's gonna rule!!!

here's some classic punk. please be scared when jammin' some of The Misfits!!!

what's there to say about this highly influential hardcore punk band??? not much, but i guess i'll say something. so, the band started in 1977, forming in lodi, new jersey by founding members, glenn danzing and jerry only. these two would be the longest remaining members throughout the early years of the band, which unfortunately ended in 1983. really, just do yourself a favor and forget the current version of the band. there is nothing good about them, and it's one of the ugly cash grab things that's tarnishing the legacy that this band originally started with.

when the band officially broke up, glenn danzig went on to form the awesome and short lived band, Samhain, then after that he went solo, going under his own last name. he had a minor hit with the song, "mother". jerry only battled with danzig over the rights to the misfits name and merchandise. i guess he had that george lucas future vision of massive amounts of money, because you can't walk into a hot topic without seeing the iconic misfits skull on some crumby shirt selling at 25 bucks each. regardless, the music is classic punk rock with great amounts of hardcore, rockabilly, metal and awesome pop. look no further than the old school misfits for the best of the best.

okay, so now we come to the albums. there are only three here, so just leave out everything that came after these. the only good misfits is the danzig misfits. (geez, i sure do complain a lot huh???) anyway the first album is the classic, Walk Among Us. this is their best and it contains awesome songs such as, "skulls" "90 eyes" and "mommy, can't i go out and kill tonight?" next we have the album, Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood. this was the second album and it also contains the wolfs blood ep. and last we have the album, Legacy of Brutality. this is a special album in that it contains some hard to find tracks as well as cuts from the bands first album attempt. that album was called, Static Age, and was released in 1997. that's it!!! this here is all that's the best for anyone interested in the misfits. (in my opinion of course!!!) so, try these out and enjoy yourself!!!

i want your skull...

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