Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burn, Oklahoma, Burn...

it's finally sunday, just like any other sunday, but for today, it's a special time because in exactly 50 minutes, the premiere episode of HBO's, The Pacific, starts!!! this is going to be interesting to see. i'll post my own, sort of, review of the first episode and let you all know my opinion on it, if that is of any interest to you. oh, and as for the ending thoughts on my last post, that last thing i mentioned...well let's just say that i'm still considering it and still doing some really HEAVY thinking on it. time will only tell if it's a good decision for me. lot's of praying to do...

okay, so let's speed things up a bit with some digital hardcore. here is, Atari Teenage Riot.

this fab four started in 1992 and went on until about 2000. it was just mentioned that they were getting back together this year to play again, so that's what made me think of them. so, this, uh, band or group, make digital hardcore techno. it's just what it sounds like. it blends elements of hardcore punk and electronic music into this one exploding package, and let me tell ya, atari teenage riot do it the best. (in my opinion of course!!!) the movement started in berlin, germany where the band hails from. there are also elements of rock/pop/indie/thrash and industrial included in their music. you just have to dig a little deeper to notice. the band is highly political, where as they fuse the ideals of anarchy, anti-fascist and anti-nazi views into their lyrics, all with a great punk mix. this is pretty brutal music to be considered, electronic or techno, but it somehow all works. plus it's pretty cool to jam when playing a really fast racing game, or other activities with high strung ordeals...yep.

so, like i mentioned, the band broke up in 2000 and after the death of member, carl crack from an overdose, it seemed unlikely that they would ever perform again. one of their last shows was opening for Nine Inch Nails. it's noted about how, at the end of that show, the band left the stage with a wall of sound that left many confused and sickly due to the harshness of their presence and volume. heh heh

right here are the two albums you need by the group. first is the compilation album, Burn, Berlin, Burn!. this album contains tracks from the groups first two releases and was america's first real foray into the groups digital hardcore style. and second here, is the album, 60 Second Wipe Out. this was their last release and it showcases a much more focused, yet rougher version of their already outlandish style. it closes the gap until the group starts making new music, which hopefully, will start happening soon. (one song has already been released!!!)

how low can you go...

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