Monday, March 29, 2010

Physical Training...

today was the start of several months of training in order to get my body in tip-top shape. i'm making some huge plans for my life and in order for those to happen, i need to get physically fit. so far, i'm terribly out of shape. i haven't worked like this since high school baseball, and even then i didn't always go all out. still, this is different and it's something i'm not going to quit. i'm nervous, or better yet scared, so i need to build up my confidence and strength and ability to believe in myself. i don't want to look back on this and regret a lot of things like i have been doing for the past year. this is my time and it's starts right now.

i want to mention an awesome band that is under the radar, but very respected amongst those who know. the band is called, Cult of Luna.

this is an awesome post-metal/post-rock/doom metal/ambient band from umea, sweden just like Refused, who i posted on last night. to describe this band without only using genre tags, i guess i'd say you take the metal heavyness of bands like, Isis, Jesu, Neurosis and Pelican, and then mix those with bands like Envy, Between the Buried and Me, Mogwai and the always amazing, Radiohead. the music is epic in a post-rock sort of way and it builds and builds higher and higher. it's amazing and very pretty music that gets interrupted by the ferocity of the lead singer who has a painful sounding growl. trust me once again when i say, this is awesome music and something not to miss.

today i have one album for you all to check out. it's their breakthrough album and the one that got them the attention they deserve in the underground. that album is called, Salvation, and it's a great piece of work. also, the video below contains some of their music alongside clips from the japanese psychological horror film, Suicide Club. enjoy!!!

crossing over...

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