Thursday, March 4, 2010

Technical Achievements...

starting on march 14th, there will be a brand new television series starting on HBO. this series is called, The Pacific. its the follow up to the award winning mini series, Band Of Brothers. i'm a big WWII buff, and i think it's great that they are finally going to give those who battled in the pacific a chance to tell their stories. this is all based off fact, and it also gives great insight to those who fought hard and died during the bloodiest battles of WWII. this ten part series seem to take it all up a notch and the production value really shines through just from watching the short trailers on youtube. when this finally comes out, i'm going to be a busy man. ooh, i got goosebumps!!!

since i mentioned something really heavy like WWII, i think some heavy music is in order. i've mentioned this band a few times before, so now it's their due. here is, Botch.

i love math rock. math rock is sometimes heavy and sometimes nice. it's the combination of rhythmically complex song structures and dissonant harmonies all rolled into one big package. early acts to do this were Rorschach, Cave In, Coalesce, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Botch. botch are held up high in this regard because of their legendary status and intense live shows that often left the audience in confusion. (those are the best shows!!!) they started in 1993 and ended in 2002. after they split, members went on to form bands like, These Arms Are Snakes, Narrows and Minus The Bear. often copied, but never good enough, many bands owe huge debts to botch. if it wasn't for botch, we wouldn't have artists like Norma Jean, and Underoath. (some might think that's a good thing...)

today you will find their two official full lengths. now i know i'm leaving out a lot more of their material, but if you are interested you can Get if frOm yOur friend Greg, in LakE, illinoise. first album to check out is American Nervoso and after that is the mega popular and genre defining album, We Are the Romans. watr is an album of slow buildup with huge efforts and massive endings. this is one of the most important metalcore/math rock/hardcore albums ever made. GET INTO IT!!!


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