Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Camp...

today was the first day of indian falls creek 2010. i had to miss it... but all is not lost though. i'm going down wednesday and thursday night. i also got friday off, so that means i can stay over. i'm excited, but tired from the hard work that's been handed to me at the office. i'm going to do my best despite the overload and that's all that i can offer. i just hope i can manage everything professionally and with precision.

you know, when at work and dealing with many things at once, (multitasking blues...) i tend to let little things slip by unnoticed and the music for tonight is one of those forgotten gems. i've mentioned them several times before and i'm sorry it's taken me this long to finally post one of them, but nevertheless, here's Rites of Spring.

alongside Embrace and then eventually Fugazi, rites of spring are considered to be one of the very first emo bands to emerge from the 80's hardcore/punk scene. the band was from washington, d.c. and played from 1984 to 1986. after they broke up, lead singer guy picciotto and two others went on to form One Last Wish, which was short lived as well. after that, guy and brenden canty joined up with ian mckaye and joe lally to form the highly influential fugazi.

rites of spring were a hardcore band that changed up their style and incorporated a more emotional approach, which was opposite the angst and anger of other typical hardcore punk bands. this shift went noticed by all the kids at the time and became known eventually as emo. and as always, when asked of this label, these bands rejected the notion. still, it's basically what everyone associates with the bands and i believe it's a justified ideal. it really does separate the usually cliche nature of what punk and hardcore is. it was always about being yourself and being unique, and these bands stood out during the revolution summer. (look that up yourselves...)

yeah, so for their music you will find the one album that's available. it's self titled, but sometimes known as End on End. it contains their entire recorded history starting with their self titled effort and then their ep, All Through Life, which are the last four tracks. these four songs are considered the bridge between d.c. hardcore and the start of alternative/indie rock. dig it...

icy stands...

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