Saturday, August 7, 2010

Indian falls creek 2010, an end...

i supposed it's my duty to report on this years annual church camp, but i can't really do it justice since i wasn't there for the full duration. despite my limitations, i was honored with the opportunity to come spend my entire friday amongst the best people i've ever met. there is just something about being surrounded by good christian people that makes me feel less hurt and more uplifted. you can trust and love these people and probably find out some things in the process. things about yourself and life in general. the christian viewpoint is often talked down upon and spat at, but it's the life many choose to live and with that, we have to stand together and keep the faith. i feel more strong than i have been these past few months and now that i'm back home and in the world, i need to stay focused and be smart. there are a lot of things i regret from my past, but even more that i look forward to in my future. god willing...

for those of you who read this journalistic minded thing called my blog, i have a special treat for you. this is going to be a big post on one of music's most prolific and substantial artists. that musician is none other than David Bowie.

yeah, it's that guy from Labyrinth. mr david bowie is a multi-talented musician who has been making music his way since 1964. he's the ultimate rebel and often chosen as the inspiration behind many of today's pretentious people. (not all though...) he's considered the godfather of glam-rock and one of the best nu-wave artists to emerge in it's early days. speaking of early days, the guy is also mentioned with the term proto-punk with is of course those early acts that helped pave the way for what punk would eventually become. yes, this man is everywhere and then nowhere. he's sort of a private person and on the subject of his music, hasn't released anything new since 2003. in the meantime, the dude has been a collaborator with such acts like, TV on the Radio and The Arcade Fire and also acted in the movie The Prestige. (underrated movie indeed...)

so, going back to the movie Labyrinth, i've had some history with the guy. no, i didn't really listen to his music when i was young, with the exception of a few popular hits here and there, but i did recognize him from that movie. i grew up watching that darn flick and the characters, music, costumes, and jennifer connelly's bad acting have stayed with me since. but, like most young people my age, what stays is david bowie himself. the man had a scary, yet elegant presence which was weird, but cool at the same time. also, his music was hypnotic. the guy could also pull off the gay look and make it seem awesome, (for just that moment...) but that power only belonged to him.

i can't really speak about that movie much anymore since it's become a merchandising empire at hot topics and high schools all over (who'd thunk it???) but the memories still stay the same. and those memories, all awesome and weird as they were, can't change. a little bit of the past i like to remember.

the music is what it's all about right now though. these selected albums are my personal faves and most of them are listed in the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made which i'm always plugging. seriously, it's still my favorite issue from that magazine and worth a look for anyone who loves music. so, for this post i'm going in order of release year and skipping his debut, we will start off with Space Oddity then The Man Who Sold the World. (i thank Nirvana for covering the title track of that record and making me a fan of bowie.) next we have Hunky Dory and then the amazing, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. it's probably his most popular album and considered his best work. it's a concept album which i won't divulge into, but let's just say it's totally awesome. after that we have another really awesome album and it's called, Aladdin Sane. this would be followed by the albums Diamond Dogs, Young American's and Station to Station. flowing to the end of this post, we finally come to the last albums which are, Low, "Heroes", and Let's Dance. also, i don't think i'm doing justice to the awesomeness of david bowie's music, but hey, you know, i'm only like 25 and i'm sure there are plenty of better readings on the man that what i can muster on one tired saturday just being back from church camp. heh heh ENJOY!!!

i'll stick with you baby for a thousand years...

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