Saturday, August 14, 2010

What A Blast...

oh man, i had so much fun last night!!! Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is now my second favorite movie of the summer!!! it was so awesome and funny at the same time. it's good movie making and something that i highly recommend to anyone!!! seriously, it's just good fun. i'm all smiles and warm feelings, which is very welcomed by me. as for the rest of the weekend, tonight is a powwow and then who knows what. heck, i might even go see that movie a second time!!! YEAH!!! +5 points for me!!!

since i'm so happy and in good spirits, here's some music to accompany that rare instance. lately i've been listening to this one band a lot, so they were already written down in my head before i ever touched fingers to keyboard. they were called, The Jazz June, and they will make your day better.

the jazz june were one of those 90's emo/post-hardcore bands i really REALLY love. they started back in 1996 and claimed klutztown, pennsylvania as their home. they were a band that did everything right. each album they released showcased a growth in lyrical promise and musical style. they are easily one of the best indie/emo bands to come along during that scene and are fondly remembered to this day. still, they are not without those who don't know, so here's your chance to embrace their music and show some appreciation. this is good stuff!!!

so to dig deep through this list we first begin with their debut album, They Love Those Who Make the Music. this is then followed by the ep, The Boom, The Motion and The Music. next is their second full length and it's called, Breakdance Suburbia. after that we come to my personal favorite album and that is, The Medicine. it's simply exquisite and showcases some twinkly/mathy parts, but also heartfelt lyrics and soft melodies executed by the band themselves. following that landmark is the album, Better Off Without Air and then the special b-sides and singles collection, The Scars to Prove It. and there it is. right in front of you is a bit of small musical history and it's something good to learn about. study up!!!

The marbles rolled off the table
and made a crack in the grass
We all thought there was nothing inside the sphere
As antiquated as it may seem what goes around comes around
and entertains what we've thought in the past
In his fingertips is something like a shining star
and when you pick up the pieces, well, all you'll find is what's left
Something out shined in the guise of coincidence
and is for sure?
Who's really sure of anything?
So let's dance in ideas
and make nothing seem impossible
Because who wants to know all the answers when we can sing and it's enough
Cause when you pick up the pieces, well, all you'll find is what's left

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