Monday, August 9, 2010

Contract Health Providerzzz...

today was a monday and wow, i totally felt it's roughness. it was a struggle to get through, and i had many doubts and worry's. still, i managed to survive it and i was awarded with having dinner with my two little cousins who i haven't seen in quite some time. it was so great to catch up and witness how much they've both grown. those two are exceptionally loving and some of the smartest children i've ever known. i'm really proud of those two girls and how special they are. they have both been through a lot over the past year and it's good to have them back home.

so anyway, in schuyler news, i have an important choice to make this weekend. there are two things to do on saturday, one of which is the annual oklahoma city indian clinic powwow and second is the mayhem tour festival. the powwow is a powwow, but they are always fun and a great place to meet old friends. and as for the concert, it's a bit pricey for a tour with a bunch of bands i began to dislike after high school. yeah, there are a few good options like, Lamb of God, Winds of Plague, Chimera, Norma Jean, Shawdows Fall and i guess Hatebreed, but really, been there done that, slip slap paddy whack...

so there comes a time when i must tip my hat to the music that came before my personal choices. the music that inspired those personal choices. (bands duh...) today i want you all to get to know one of those types of bands. these guys were WAY ahead of their time, which makes them awesome. here is Can.

can was formed in 1968 in cologne, germany and were considered one of the first "krautrock" groups to emerge from the then underground scene. krautrock is the genre name for the experimental music that appeared in the late 60's and became it's most popular in the 70's in germany. john peel was an early avid fan of the music and he often jammed the artists in this scene like Can, Faust, Neu!, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk among others. these bands led to the creation of many important genre's like early electronic and synth based acts. also there was a heavy psychedelic influence mixed with progressive styles as well.

can are really the top dog in this music scene and have inspired many artists that i love like, Radiohead, Joy Division, Taking Heads, The Stone Roses, Brian Eno, Sonic Youth and The Flaming Lips. woo hoo!!! yeah, so in the long period that these guys made music there is a three album arc that is considered to be their very best period. this was when the band was fronted by asian singer, damo suzuki. these three albums are the select choices for today's post and i think that's alright with me. how about you???

well, i don't think you can answer that since you most likely haven't even heard of these guys. if you have, then good for you!!! if not, well now is the time. listen to the future happen from the past. first album is the amazing, Tago Mago, then next we have, Ege Bamyashi and last is the perfect, Future Days. these three albums should be listened to back-to-back and with some good speakers or headphones. dig it...

I just think that room’s to end,
How commend them from their dreams?
Send that money for a rainy day
For the sake of future days.
You better have nothing for me,
You better move year on your face,
You hide behind a borrowed chase
For the sake of future days.

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