Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oklahoma's Best Tweekers...

what a week it's been so far. it seems like a long time ago when i would have just woken up instead of going to bed. yeah, the decent time change has really helped in many ways. i'm glad i'm no longer acting like a vampire and staying up all hours. still, and still, but still, and yeah, still i use the word still a lot. anyway, i still like the late hours and if my job didn't warrant a certain degree of responsibility on my part, then i would most likely be doing the same bad routine like i was before...

ok, so while i was out at lunch i jammed some quick tunes by a little punk band from a while back. they were, and still are, Lifetime.

lifetime are a melodic hardcore/pop punk band from new jersey that originally formed back in 1990 and broke up in 1997. after the break up members went on to form the bands, Kid Dynamite, Zero Zero, and Paint it Black (who are still together.) lifetime reformed in 2005 and have been a good reminder of what this honest style of emotional hardcore was all about. since their first, and so far, only breakup, many bands have come along and cite lifetime as a huge influence. some of those said bands are, Thursday, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Set Your Goals, Daggermouth, Fall Out Boy, Transit, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black and i'm gonna go ahead and say Modern Life is War and Polar Bear Club, just to name a few. yes, all those bands owe a huge dept to lifetime and it's a good thing they got back together because we sometimes need good reminders.

for the music i'm going to try my best and post just about everything the band has done. i feel bad for leaving out the seven inch singles and ep's, but i believe most of that material is collected in the compilation i'm about to mention. okay, so for starters we have their debut full length called, Background. next we have the amazing second album called, Hello Bastards. after that is the wonderful album titled, Jersey's Best Dancers, and as of today, it's become my favorite. following in line is the compilation, Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey, and it's the one that contains their first material as well as a live album and possibly their first lp (again!!!). and then, finally, in last place is their reunion album and it's self titled. it stands as one of the best punk-reunion albums to come along since forever. check these out and enjoy!!!




http://www.mediafire.com/?5kolizdmmaz (disc 1)
http://www.mediafire.com/?twvwxznn3ym (disc 2)


Lifetime - Live in Philly from WiiNintendo.net on Vimeo.

i'm not the best at tweekin' because i'm not a tweeker...

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