Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oil Painted Eyes...

right now i'm eating some chicken express. it's freekin' awesome!!! i love hot wings, and with that order came a side of fried okra as well. i'm currently in hot sauce heaven!!! mmm...

on the way home from work i decided to give an older band a quick listen while driving through the rush hour traffic. i instantly remembered how important they were to me back in high school. the band i'm talking about goes by the name, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. yeah, super cool huh???

...and you will know us by the trail of dead have one of the longest names in music history, which led me to find them interesting in the first place. but, i have to give all the credit to my old friend andy. he was a punk/indie kid who everyone called "kurt cobain" on account of his hair being all grunged out and such. despite the harsh criticism, the guy took it all in stride and led me to some awesome music. if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be as open minded with artists like i am now. so okay, back in 2003 or so, he invited me to the local rock club called the green door, which at the time was the shizznit. that place got every tour that came through and charged cheap for the kids to come watch. (it's still around, but now called the conservatory...) yeah, so anyway he invited me to this show. "uh, dude, uh you wanna go see ...and you will know us by the trail of dead tomorrow night??? my brother says their one of the best live acts he's ever seen." heh heh, our conversation wasn't that long, but i was convinced. so what happened??? well everything. and what i mean is everything went wrong that night and i didn't get to see them. oh well...

so for the history. the band formed back in 1994 and are still around, calling austin, texas their home. they first started out as a post-hardcore/90's emo style band with those great hardcore punk trademarks. their sound was a bit chaotic and noisy, which over time, has evolved into a more indie/progressive nature. they are one of the few bands to gain a perfect 10 on pitchfork.com and that is a miracle in of itself.

oh, and that which garnered said score is none other than one of the most important albums released in the early 2000's, Source Tags & Codes. this is the only album i have by the band and it's their best, hands down. you gotta give this a listen. when i was coming home and jamming this classic, i fondly remembered the first time i heard it. i also remembered my terrible high school days and all that teenage angst that seeped through me like poison... ugh, just dig it already!!!


Looking back in time
Through verses set in nursery rhyme
At oil painted eyes
Of muses left behind
I swear I know not why
Those eyes have always left me dry
She stands with arms stretched out
Towards the mountains & the clouds
Oil painted eyes
Blind yet hypnotized
I swear I know not why
Those eyes have always left me dry

(How near, how far, how lost they are)

I've rendered every line
Every contour of a muse's eye
Painted in my eyes mind
On canvases of time
I swear I know not why
Those eyes have always left me dry

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