Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The days become the weeks, become the years...

hello there, this is schuyler checking in and remembering what is coming up soon. actually, it’s an event that happens tomorrow. you see, this thursday is my birthday and i have been going over this post for about a year. well, my plans have been shot down, as i was going to write this long epic piece on the band, Radiohead, but have instead chosen to wait a bit longer for that. radiohead are too important for me and i don’t think i’ve given myself enough time to think about the basic idea for that post. you see, like i might have mentioned a few times before, this blog is much more than just a music posting site. no no, instead it’s a brief escape into my own little world of which i allow you all to read. the music is chosen very carefully every time i make a new statement, in order to coincide with my, at the moment, attitude and feelings. my history with certain bands are one’s usually dealing with my past, present and future, so i like to carefully take my time when writing on them. like i said, it’s more than just posting music for people.

so, it’s been a full year of living for me. i didn’t know if i was going to make it, but it seems i’m still here by golly. i can say that i’m grateful for that, but just not as enthusiastic like some might be. i blame that attitude on my depressive condition of which i currently have an everyday struggle with. despite that ordeal, i have made it through and things are beginning to look up, albeit, very slowly. i’m in the process of trying to save up and move out of my parent’s house, get a newer and better computer, decide on a car, spending time with friends, being open to new experiences, looking for that special someone, powwow dancing, eating healthy, working out everyday, church, sleeping, Call of Duty, catching up on The Office, waiting for the next Harry Potter movie, walking my dog, rubbing the cat, hangin’ with dylan, reading more books, eating buffalo wings, going to concerts, skipping soda pop, not visiting new mexico, working on the splashes, enjoying my job, being a good role model, keeping my hair short, trimming my nose hairs, waxing my eyebrows, listening to good music, possibly voting in the next election, skiing, applying, visiting, figuring out where bigfoot really is, pizza modifications, ignoring the media, traveling, halloween, new radiohead music, oklahoma weather, understanding my destiny, comprehending, coping, living, and writing, writing, WRITING!!!

here’s some music by a band i discovered through my travels here and there. what i mean is, i discovered them there, (new mexico) but they are from here, (oklahoma), so i guess that was backwards… anyway, the music is made by a band called, Damezumari.

the word, “damezumari”, comes from the japanese game called, Go, and it roughly means, no escape from an impossible situation, or better yet, “screwed”. i find it interesting that the band took their name from such a term, but after my first hearing of their music, it makes sense. damezumari formed back in 2003 and are from tulsa, oklahoma, but currently have members in other states. the band plays a very wonderful version of screamo/skrams that is both powerful and exciting, yet also tender and full of enough hooks that you can’t help but hum too. to me, they represent the best of what modern emo has to offer, and this is only met when you filter out all the current garbage and get down to the source. they have great instrumentation that seldom reminds me of the twinkly sounds from the midwest scenes, and singing/screaming that is chaotic like the old san diego style from the mid 90’s. thusly, if happen to dig bands like, Drive Like Jehu, On the Might of Princess, Braid, Angel Hair, Algernon Cadwallader, Swing Kids, Antioch Arrow, Clickitat Ikatowi, Hot Cross and Yaphet Kotto among thousands of others you will probably like damezumari. and really, i can’t argue enough, for when i say check this out each and every time, i really mean it. these guys are good and i consider it as my birthday present to post them on here. thanks guys!!!

okay, so hopefully this will be their entire discography and with no faulty spots. oh, and just to say it, sorry for any weird links and abnormal sized pics. i try hard to make all the posts look neat and tidy, but it sometimes doesn't happen like that. yeah, so in firstplace is their demo called, No Hugging = No Learning. this is then met by their official debut called, Angelous Novus, which is an ep. next we have another ep called, The Politics of Lonely, which is a phrase from a Weakerthans song. after that is another album, or possibly ep called, Hitherandthithering Waters Of. and then, we now come to my personal favorite, which is a three way split with local oklahoma screamo bands, Steeples and Someplace To Hide. next in line is another split, this time with the band, Fire Team Charlie, then their latest release called, Hope Inscribed on Handbills. in last place is supposed to be their newest album, Blood Meridian, but it doesn't seem to be available yet. it might never be, but i'll be sure to keep and eye open for that one. alrighty, you see the goods, now go grab them. enjoy the sounds and thanks for stopping by during the celebrations here!!!dig some...

another year, another day...

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  1. Beautifully brillant son.
    happy birthday, lurve you. moma