Sunday, September 5, 2010


it's the holiday people!!! a time when we must relax and enjoy ourselves. i'm still here and trying to quickly make this post before i go back to the same powwow i was at last night. i'm in such a jolly mood that the music must match it!!!

and for that matching music, here's a band i recently saw and loved instantly!!! Transit.

transit is a young pop punk/hardcore band from new jersey who are making huge leaps in the current punk underground. they will instantly bring to mind bands like, Set Your Goals, Daggermouth, Caleb Lionheart, Lifetime, Saves The Day and New Found Glory. it's fast and emotionally honest music that's leaps and bounds above most recent bands to date. i just love this stuff!!! it's so awesome to have music that's uplifting and fun at the same time.

i'm currently posting their entire discography minus their sneaky and hard to find self titled demo. so first thing we have is the ep called, Let It Out. this is then followed by their first full length titled, This Will Not Define Us. after that we then come to my personal favorite which is the ep called, Stay Home. and then, in last place, we have their brand spanking new full length titled, Keep This To Yourself. i've only heard a few songs from this, but those that i did were awesome, so check it out. heck, check everything out because it great stuff and you don't wanna be late to the game. dig it...

So many days and nights of my life escape.
It always fades away with time.
(The color fades away)
It's this feeling that has me going nowhere, gaining nothing at all.
If anyone should find you staring up at the unending sky.
What if I was smiling and running into your arms.
(What would you say.)
Would you see then what I see now.
(Keep running, keep shining on)
I'd put my ear against your heart to keep the beat forever
(Keep running) and hum it like my favorite song.
It's safe to say life seems hopeless. (We are all alone)
It's this feeling that brings me closer and closer to the end.
(Keep running, keep running, keep running, keep shining .. this home becomes your casket
and you're buried six feet beneath the ground.
Those starry eyes have lost their shine.
There's reason why I've made it this far without you.
You had your shot this ones mine I'm taking aim to pull the trigger

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