Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Push ups, pull ups, sit ups...

this is a small post. small because i have nothing really to say. it’s just another excuse to write something down for the sake of writing. i’m going to be away from the blog for a few days, so this is a post you will probably see for a little while until i can get back to the computer. (where i’m going, the computer is slower than a slug having sex with a dead slug while swimming in jello and being higher than a kite…)

and yeah, for the sake of writing, and for those of you that might read this blog, thanks again for the support and the nice, yet brief, comments. oh, and if your comments happen to be the kind that are asking for certain passwords, please, for all that is holy and true, please please please be more specific. (i get my links from all over the place yo!!!)

so, for uh, the music, here’s a squeaker by a little band called, Charles Bronson.

charles bronson were a straight edge (sort of...)/hardcore/powerviolence punk band from dekalb, illinois that existed from 1994 to 1997. they played a ferocious style of music that involved thrash and screamo, which was dubbed “powerviolence” by whoever comes up with those types of genre names. (journalists probably…) the band looked like a bunch a winy emo kids, but when they played they unleashed a fury that usually resulted in short sets of crazy manic adrenaline and confusion. their style was borrowed from early powerviolence bands like, Infest, Siege, Man is the Bastard and Septic Death among many others. after the band broke up, members went on to form such bands as Das Oath, Holy Molar and some members even went on to play with Los Crudos and MK-ULTRA.

so, even though i said this was going to be short, you might think i lied because today you will find the entire charles bronson discography!!! what’s so nice about this is that it’s all contained in one album package!!! and to take this over the top, in this collection you will get the chance to jam close to 200 songs!!! (charles bronson weren’t known for long songs…) okay then, get with the program and jam this freakish music. i gotta go and find some solace for a little while. dig it…


youth attack...

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