Friday, September 24, 2010


the state fair has been happening these past two weeks and it’s coming to the end of it’s run. i got to enjoy it last thursday, so it’s not like i missed it or something. still, i would like to go again. i really had a good time and the moments with my family were memorable. the food was awesome as well, which it usually always is. (i left that night with a large cinnamon roll!!!) we played some games, rode some rides and exhausted ourselves silly. i believe i slept good that night too. i was even able to make it to work the next day, rather reluctantly. will i go again??? that’s a good question. i have no idea as of right now…

oh, and to add to the mix, i’ve been sick as well. my sinuses are making this difficult and the end results are grotesque. my nose is dripping with snot and it’s moving faster than the river of slime from Ghostbusters 2. i describe my head as being caught in a fish bowl, sloshing around and hitting the sides. my eyes are burning and my nose is raw from using paper towels instead of tissue. all in all, not one of my better weeks, but much much more better than having an extreme cold or flu. and oh yeah, lastly, my voice sounds like Tom Waits.

tom waits is the man!!! he’s one of music’s most beloved icon’s and has garnered himself a very large fan base. waits started in the music biz around 1972 and has been going strong ever since. he rarely tours, and if and when he does, it’s magical and also funny. his music, best described by me, is folk punk, mixed with some jazzy persuasion and industrial harshness. yeah, really, that’s about right. heck, the guy’s been around for so long, he’s bound to experiment with something other than just rock right??? anyway, he’s an artist as well as an actor, having appeared in such movies as, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Mystery Men, Coffee and Cigarettes, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Domino. he is also the victor in many lawsuits for copyright infringement. these are a funny addition to his already strong history. but ugh, i just wish i went to see him on his last tour. he came to tulsa and i totally skipped out…

now i know i’m not the best when it comes to tom waits knowledge, but i do believe i’ve got some skillz here. i, myself, own several of his most beloved albums and it’s my wish to continue the collection starting with today’s massive post. you see, not only am i going to post my personal faves, i’m also going to post all the rest!!! oh, and just so you know, a few of these albums are in the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums Ever Made list.

okay, so to speed through this huge discography, i'm just going to list the albums and make minor notes on my favorites. also, just to be clear, i'm leaving out most of the compilation albums since they are mostly attempts at greatest "hits" collections, and tom isn't really a "hit" maker per se. right, so we first start off with the debut album, Closing Time, then follow that with my favorite of his called, The Heart of Saturday Night. if you happen to like that old dirty, smokey feeling of loneliness and desire, then you will probably dig that album. next in line are the following: Nighthawks at the Diner, Small Change, Foreign Affairs, Blue Valentine and Heartattack and Vine. this album features the song, "jersey girl" which was made popular by Bruce Springsteen. this was also his last album on the asylum label. after that we have the soundtrack for the film, One From the Heart, which got him an academy award nomination, and then two very awesome albums back-to-back called, Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs. the latter album has the song, "downtown train" which became a #2 hit for Rod Stewart. bleh... and so, we move along and come to the album, Franks Wild Years, Big Time (a live album), The Early Years: Volume 1, the soundtrack to the film, Night on Earth, and then the amazing, Bone Machine, for which he won the grammy that year for best alternative music album. following in pursuit are the albums, The Early Years: Volume 2, The Black Rider, and my second favorite tom waits album, Mule Variations. this album is ranked at number 416 in the rolling stone top 500 and it also won the grammy for best contemporary folk album. and then, finally, we come to the last albums which are, Blood Money, Alice, Real Gone, the three disc compilation of b-sides and rarities, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards and then his latest release, Glitter and Doom Live, which is a live album of his most recent and possibly last tour from 2008. PHEW!!! i'm out of breathe almost, and i bet you all are too. this was a huge post, so thanks for all your patience on getting here. (sorry for the weird spacing below...) i hope you all enjoy this wonderful talent at hand and with that, it's time for me to blow my nose and rub my eyes once again... (disc 1) (disc 2) (disc 3) (disc 1) (disc 2)

wow, this really is a long post...


  1. Thank you very much for delivering the whole albums which where the basis for Bleeding Pandas nice personal "Best Of", that I came across recently:

  2. I was looking for the David Bowie's CD ("Diamond dogs"), and I've ending up in this pretty interesting blog... Well hope you feeling better and I really enjoy to read this.

    (maybe there are some mistakes on this comment 'cause my native language is spanish)


  3. it's all good!!! thanks for commenting. i really appreciate it.

  4. This blog is good all album was here no need to search to other,this blog already have all albums.

  5. Thanks for this Tom Wits disco.
    Maybe you should try if you didn't this 2 links : and
    2 albums of the dead brothers, from switzerland, you can find 'em on voodoo rythm records...