Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Intro Goth...

so tired, so very very tired. i suppose this is the result of my own undoing, or a result of watching food network really late. it’s a tuesday and yet it feels like a monday. the weekend blazed by with great speed, leaving me in the dust and covered in happiness. oh yeah, i actually had a decent time spent with my family. it was thoroughly enjoyable and i want more moments like these. it all makes more sense to have fun and enjoy life than it does to be sad and depressed. that isn’t to say i choose to be like that all the time. no no!!! instead, the depression chooses me and it takes over and makes the day more crappy. the curse of depression isn’t something i’d wish on anyone. the ultimate feeling of dread and despair is too much to take, even for the strongest of people. but yeah, this weekend proved to be a good one and i was even able to get some personal stuff off my mind. to have the chance to clear my mind is awesome and something i’d like to do more often.

music sometimes helps too. such is the case with today’s artist, a singer-songwriter who’s young talent has made him known in the underground as one of the best groundbreaking acts to recently come about. he, and his backing band, go by the name of, Wavves.

waves is the project of lead singer and guitarist, nathan williams and original drummer, ryan ulsh. they came together in 2008, released their self titled debut, and quickly garnered critical acclaim from many music publications. the sound they create is best described by me as, surf pop-punk. it’s very lo-fi sounding, but the melodies are most definitely pop oriented and they speed along with a nu-wave feel and an almost chillwave flow. (it’s awesome summer music!!!) so anyway, their second album came out in 2009 and was even more well received. that same year, the band fell apart due to personal problems with nathan and eventually ryan left. nathan then recruited drummer billy h ayes and bassist stephan pope who previously played with Jay Retard before he passed away, and this collaboration resulted in the band’s most recent full length, King Beach.

so there’s that then... and enough with the mellowing about!!! the music is all here, so grab these three albums now!!! first is the self titled debut, then we have the second album, Wavvves, with is almost another self titled, but with the exception of an extra “v” in the title. and lastly you will find the album, King Beach which i think is the bands best effort to date. it seems more focused with better song writing and pop melody, so check it out with much speed and jam “post acid” on repeat until your mind goes crazy. GET HAPPY!!!




oh, why can't i be makin' love come true...

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