Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stopped Up...

well, it seems schuyler has come down with a sickness... (ugh, i hate that silly band who's song that phrase sounds familiar to...) i don't know what it is, but i'm assuming it's just a simple cold, or possibly a flu, so right now i'm at home and typing this. yes, i took a sick day. this type of common illness can probably be treated with some over the counter meds and i think there is plenty of that stuff lying around the house, so yeah, gonna be good as new.

in other news, my dad is currently driving to tulsa to see his favorite band, Rush. i have no actual feelings for that band, and i have no feelings towards their music. i know this makes me sound like a huge jerk, but gosh, i really have no feelings towards their fans either. i don't know why so many people like them. they aren't that great. heck, in my own strange little world, i'd like to say i've seen much better bands play basement shows, but of course that wouldn't matter since no one else was there besides me. i guess it's just a simple matter of taste, and i'm not enjoying the texture their music leaves behind. i think geddy lee has an annoying voice, neil pert is overrated and alex lifeson is just, eh... maybe it's the generation gap, but hey, i like Led Zeppelin as much as my dad does, or did, so i don't think it's that. i try my best to be as open minded to all types of music as i can, but face it, i just don't like the proggy styles of rush. maybe it's just their fans that keep my away, much like how Slipknot and most metal shows in general made me hate them. eh, who knows. certainly not me i guess...

hmm, i wonder what kind of music can help sooth my feeble body and make things better??? i don't think punk or metal will suffice, and neither will all the rest. hmm... and hmmm... and some more hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... WAIT!!! i know!!! how about the music of Brian Eno!!!

brian eno is one of the worlds best producers, period. he's been involved in the music industry since 1970, originally playing with the proto-punk/glam/nu-wave band, Roxy Music, who will get their chance on this blog in the near future. some of eno's most notable work is his producer credits on classic albums by the likes of, U2, Massive Attack, Coldplay, The Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Devo and James. in, or around 1973, eno went solo and produced critically acclaimed solo albums that pushed the boundaries of electronic minimalistic music, and thus, re-wrote the book on many subjects. he's also credited for inventing the term, "ambient."

for eno's discography, i'm only posting the important stuff that matters most to me. we first start with his amazing debut, Here Come the Warm Jets. this is then followed by the album, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). after that we then meet his most cherished work, which is the album, Another Green World. this contains the hit song, "st. elmo's fire" and is also the sort of birth place for his instrumental, ambient textures. after that is the album Discreet Music, which is considered the first all ambient album. next is his final solo album that features his vocals, and it's called, Before and After Science. and lastly, we finally come to my favorite eno releases, which are his four ambient albums. volume one (my personal favorite) is called, Music for Airports. volume two is called, The Plateaux of Mirror, followed by volume three which is called, Day of Radiance, and then, finally, the fourth volume which is called, On Land. try these out and space out while your at it. get to feelin' better...










jet lagged again...

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