Saturday, July 24, 2010

We are the heathens...

i'm a little sore, but that's alright. i somehow have a bruise on my left shoulder, but that's alright. i got to dance last night, but not that much and that's alright. today is comic con 2010 and i'm not there, but that's alright. i think i'm beginning to become lactose intolerant, and that's not alright. my stomach hurts a bit, but that's alright. it's hot here in oklahoma, but that's alright. i'm still tired my from my first full week of work, but that's alright. my cat likes to eat my powwow feathers, but he's a cat, so that's alright. Independence Day was just on tv and it's a terrible movie, but that's alright. last night i saw my good friend april and she's back home helping her family, so that's alright. i often think of my personal life and it leaves me even more confused, but that's alright. Major Pain is on on tv now and it stars marlon waynes and it's kind of alright. at least it's not In the Army Now with pauly shore, so that's alright. my dog is sleeping next to me and he's happy, so that's alright. one more, or possibly two more days of indian hills for me and i'm alright.

a little more easy today kids. here's some 90's emo courtesy of The Van Pelt.

the van pelt were an indie/emo band from new york city that formed in 1993 and lasted until 1997 with a brief two show reunion in 2009. the band consisted of former members from the bands Native Nod and Blonde Redhead. after their breakup, some members went on to bands like Jets To Brazil, Enon and The Lapse. for me, what makes this band stand out amongst all the other 90's acts out there was the unique vocal approach. lead singer chris leo had a more spoken word style of singing rather than your normal style. you might have heard this used by craig finn from The Hold Steady. also adding to the overall atmosphere is the music created by the players here. if you like the soft styles of perhaps, American Football, Bells on Trike, Built to Spill and the uptempo shifts of Sonic Youth this might be for you.

so for the music you will find their two full length albums minus the three hard to find split albums. first is the, Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves and second is my personal favorite, Sultans of Sentiment. try these out and enjoy!!!

you'll be alright...

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